Dairy farmer wins Sh. 40m Betsafe super jackpot


Kinangop dairy farmer, George Karanja, won Sh. 40million Betsafe Super Jackpot in a live televised draw on Saturday 21st May

Lady luck has shone on George Karanja, the latest millionaire in
town, who took home Sh. 40million from the Betsafe Super Jackpot Guaranteed Bonus,
yesterday, Saturday 21st May.
“It is interesting that I was finalist number seven and won the jackpot on my daughter’s
birthday, the 21st of May which is a multiple of seven,” said the father of two.
Speaking to media at the RFUEA Grounds, Karanja expressed his happiness at winning the
jackpot bonus, stating that he was surprised to have won.
“When I was announced as the winner, I was very happy. I thank God for the opportunity to
be a millionaire. Even though I’ll keep playing until I get the grand prize of Sh. 100,000,000
from Betsafe, I implore other gamers to play wisely and never bet with money they can’t
afford to lose,” said Karanja.
The Kinangop-based dairy farmer has big plans for his winnings, intending to expand his farm
operations by opening more branches and eventually begin a new business.
“As of now, I just want to scale up my dairy business so that I can secure my future,” said
Betsafe CEO, Victor Simiyu, promised to hold Karanja’s hand as he executes his plans, stating
that the company will provide a financial advisor.
“As a business, we are excited that George emerged the winner. This shows the
commitment that we have to our players and the market. We are here to stay. We wish
George all the best as he starts his life as a millionaire. We will be with him all through to
ensure that he makes the right decisions and give him the right financial advice,” said Simiyu.
Karanja’s journey to winning Sh. 40 million began on Monday, 16th May when he qualified for
the bonus finals after correctly guessing the outcome of 10 out of 17 games in the Betsafe
Super Jackpot. A pool of ten finalists was picked through a weekly random selection process
overseen by the Betting Control and Licensing Board.
“From the start, we have continuously abided by all the rules set out by the BCLB to ensure
the process was fair to all players. As a company, we aim to set the standard in transparency
and fairness by which all other betting companies will be judged,” Simiyu said at a press
conference before the finalists draw.