Peace Campaign Days To Election


A group of Civil Society Organisations from Migori now calls for peaceful campaigns ahead of August General Elections.

Led by Eastern Africa Collaboration on Economic Social and Cultural Rights (EACOR) Western coordinator Betha Juma Kokach, the group dominated by youth called on their counterparts not to be swayed into divisive politics by rogue politicians, saying that they should learn to say no and be peace advocates before and after the elections.

Peace During Elections Campaign

Kokach said the youth in their groups will embark on peace advocacy in all parts of the region, to enable Kenyans be in a position to make informed decisions in the next week’s poll.

She also cautioned the political candidates to desist from careless utterance that might spark violence in the region and instead advocate for issue based politics for the sake of peace and unity.

Dickens Ouma, a bodaboda operator encouraged the aspirants to demonstrate a high level of tolerance to ensure peace prevails in the lead up, during and after elections.

He called for winners and losers to be ready to accept the outcome of the poll and ensure peaceful coexistence.

Titus Orwa, a business man urged the politicians to make personal commitment to maintain peace before, during and after the election.

Gloria Ocholla, a youth from the region, encouraged the politician to be mindful of their actions, saying women and children are the ones who are affected gravely, when violence occurs during or after elections.

She told politicians to be mindful about people‚Äôs lives, especially mothers and children and ensure their safety during electioneering period.