Pubs, Entertainment, and Restaurants Association of Kenya(PERAK) On The Enforcement of Covid 19 Regulations


President Uhuru Kenya announced the easing of restrictions on social gatherings that included the vacation of orders for the closure of bars, restaurants and entertainment spots. He also instructed the stakeholders in the sector to work with the relevant Government officials for the development of Standard Operating Procedures for the sale of alcoholic drinks, the development of the Standard Operating Procedures included input from both private and government agencies and was facilitated by the National Multi-Agency Command Centre.

There was a reasonable expectation that the Standard Operating Procedures would be published after the presidential address as they would help enhance self-regulation and accountability in compliance with the Covid-19 protocols.Stakeholders got together and developed the protocols but unfortunately, the regulations that should entrench them in law are yet to be published by the Ministry of Health.We urge the ministry to speed up the publication as the regulations will give much-needed guidance

Over the past few days, there have been reports of police and county governments’ officials enforcing the latest measures to limit the spread of Covid-19. While there have been commendable efforts to ensure dosing times are adhered to, we have also painfully witnessed the destruction of property and investments by police officers, in some cases long before the designated closing time, which reeks of malice and is clearly an illegality. It is not the sort of fair administrative action required by the Constitution and we have asked the Inspector-General of Police to advise police officers across the country against that kind of retrogressive behavior.

We urge our members to continue observing measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 and to adhere by the rules on opening and closing hours as outlined by the Government. Only by compliance with the rules can we make a case to be allowed to continue operating. We condemn those that may be breaking the rules and urge the national and county government officials to rein in errant operators.