Police hunt for 6 suspects who escaped from Kayole police station


It’s believed that the 6 suspects escaped this evening from the police station after climbing the roofs and making an escape route.

Five were facing violent robbery charges while one was facing defilement.

The officers on duty have left the so called raia mouths open since it’s unexpected and unimaginable how could criminals manage to escape and yet officers are supposed to be watching.

The criminals are believed to have escaped through the roof.It has not been been clearly said how could the criminals climb and escape through the roof of the most modern police cell in the country.

The names and identities of the suspects have not been so far released. The police have also promised to take the immediate action to ensure that they bring back the suspects under custody to face the law

This has just happened a month after, 11 criminals escaped in bungoma after digging a hole and escaping through. So far the police have managed to only arrest one among the 11 criminals