Police raids Migori slam, recovers assorted stolen items


By Basil Okoth 

Police in Migori town have recovered alleged stolen assorted items after a raid at Pandpier slums in the outskirts of Migori town.

Stolen Items at Oruba Police Station

According to Suna West sub county police commander Elizabeth Wakuloba said that the officers working on tip offs from members of the public raided a rented house in the slum and recovered the stolen items as the occupants managed to escape the police dragnets.

Suna West sub county police commander Elizabeth Wakuloba

She said that the police managed to recover stolen clothes,window curtains,television sets, laptops, radios, utensils and other electronic goods.

She added that they suspect the recovered items are alleged to have been stolen in different places and estates in Migori County and towns.

Eliakim Boaz a resident of Oruba estate said that his brother lost all the items in his house as it was alleged to have been broken in and assortment of items stolen from the house during the day when his brother was at work.

He wants the police in Migori town and other places to beef up security in all the estates around Migori town in order to make sure that the residents are well secured and safe to conduct their businesses.

Vivian Odoyo a businesslady in Migori town recovered some her stolen items at Oruba police station said that the slums are hubs of criminals and the youths in the slums pounce on businesses at night and conduct their evil actions to the business community in Migori town.

She wants the police officers in Migori to conduct several daytime raids in the slums so that they could be able to arrest and get the criminals who are causing terror and harm to innocent Migori residents.

Migori town and Migori county at large has witnessed a wave of crime that has resulted in night watchmen being badly hurt and others even killed in cold blood

The residents living in estates near Migori town are now living in fear as the criminals rein terror and cause deaths to innocent residents.