President Ruto’s Options Following Uhuru’s Refusal to Retire.


The retired president refused to be forced into retirement at the Jubilee Party’s National Delegates Convention, which was held at the Ngong Racecourse. He insisted that he would keep fighting for the party’s objectives while serving as its leader.

Uhuru lashed out at his enemies in the Kenya-Kwanza administration, who he said had threatened him to the point of plundering his family’s Northlands City, with an unshakable spirit and a burning ambition to mold the party’s future and rescue it from Ruto’s control.

According to political commentators, the declaration, which transformed the political environment, leaves President William Ruto with little options for limiting the influence of his predecessor. However, Ruto is treading uncharted territory as the first head of state to publicly criticize his politically active predecessor.

According to Dr. Jane Thuo, a political expert, Uhuru was exercising his power because the presidency’s pressure was no longer on him. She pointed out that Ruto’s escape plan would be to pay attention to the people and their cries.

“Uhuru is aware of the disparity, and the public is no longer as upset with him as they once were. He isn’t that busy now that he’s not the president. He is active because he wants to be relevant and have influence over power despite the fact that Mt. Kenya does not have a kingmaker. He has the choice to make an administration’s life miserable. Professor at the University of Nairobi, Dr. Jane Thuo, stated

Contrary to common assumption, the analyst predicted that Ruto might befriend Uhuru and convince him to join the Kenya-Kwanza administration, demonstrating that in politics, everything is possible.

Thuo went on to say that the former president’s influence stretched beyond Kenya, implying that the Kenya Kwanza administration could not bind him politically or financially through retirement payments.

“He can give it to the state because he doesn’t care.” They can’t bind him because he has the financial muscle and business network both locally and globally,” she said, referring to the government’s threat to withhold Uhuru’s Ksh700 million retirement payment. A portion of the funds, Ksh78 million, was previously released in April 2023.

Analyst Barack Muluka, a former secretary general of the Amani National Congress, expressed a different view, saying that Uhuru required ‘assistance’ as his position deteriorated.