Retired State officials demand more perks from treasury

Treasury headquarters building in Nairobi. IMAGE/COURTESY

Former State Officials have come out to demand lavish retirement perks from the Treasury.

Among them is former Speaker of the National Assembly, Francis Ole Kaparo who has demanded that treasury purchases an armored 3000 cc engine four-wheel drive, which is to be fueled by the government.

He cited that he needed the armored car because he lived in an area prone to banditry.

Former Senate Speaker Ekwe Ethuro and former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga requested that treasury raises their pension payouts and additional retirement perks.

The two demanded that their monthly payoffs be reviewed from the current Kshs 796,732 for Mutunga and Ethuro’s Kshs 693,000 to about Kshs1.6 million each and monthly fuel allowances of Kshs 300,000 each.

Mutunga also demanded that his pension payoffs be backdated for 10 months to allow him to enjoy the reviewed pension perks which were reviewed in the Retirement Benefits Act after he had retired.

Their monthly pension demands exceed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s monthly salaries of Kshs1.4 Million.

Treasury has, however, rubbished the demands claiming that the hefty payoffs were not backed by the law.

“Mr. Ethuro and Dr. Mutunga want more money based on their last paycheque, but we are guided by the basic and not the gross SRC pay structure,” a top Treasury official told Business Daily.

“Kaparo demanded an armoured car, arguing that he comes from an area prone to banditry. Again, the State transport policy does not back this demand, but he is pushing,” they continued.