Rowdy cop disrupts couple’s date, eats their meal and injures the man in Nyandarua.

A Kenya police van. IMAGE/COURTESY

A 34-year-old Geoffrey Kithu is nursing injuries in Ndaragwa, Nyandarua County after he was assaulted by police officer on Sunday.

The officer only identified as Chirchir entered the Heroes restaurant in Ndaragwa and found a couple huddled over their lunch date.

Without speaking to couple and without washing his hands, the officer is said to have proceeded to scoop and eat pieces of meat from their plate.

The agitated couple, witnesses say, refused to eat the food, raised an issue and attempted to leave the restaurant.The officer then scooped the remaining food, ate it and demanded that the couple buys him alcohol at the wine and spirits shop next-door.

A brawl ensued whose aftermath left Kithu with a torn shirt and multiple bruises. The officer also threatened to arrest the couple although he did not state the reason.

With the matter getting out of hand, Githu rushed to Ndaragwa police station to report the matter but the officer cut him off, with reports saying he clobbered him in front of the OCS.

Police officers at the station the intervened and subdued the rowdy officer before he was put into lawful custody.

The victim was advised to seek medical attention and report to the station on Monday for further action on the matter.