Ruto to State officers: Stop intimidation

Deputy President William Ruto shakes hands with a cleric after arriving at the Catholic Church of Uganda Martyrs Kibirichia Parish, Meru County on Sunday, March 8 Twitter

Deputy President William Ruto now claims national government officials are intimidating leaders allied to him.

Ruto, who spoke at the Catholic Church of Uganda Martyrs Kibirichia Parish in Meru during a fundraiser yesterday, claimed political power brokers are calling leaders associating with him to threaten them.

Ruto, who was accompanied by 10 MPs and over 20 MCAs from Meru County, claimed some of his supporters have been warned against attending his meetings. He accused government agencies against being used to intimidate leaders.

“Everyone has right to choose which party to belong to or who to partner with. Let us be law abiding people and respect the Constitution and rights of everybody,” Ruto said. He added: “I want to ask those officers we have employed and power brokers who are pretending to be ‘big people’ to stop intimidating governors, MPs and MCAs allied to me.”

“We even have clerks calling and intimidating elected leaders and warning them against associating with me. They are instilling fear in the leaders and the citizens. That is retrogressive, foolish kind of politics,” Ruto said. One of the ways the said leaders are being intimidated, Ruto said, is through court cases.

“I know why Kiraitu (Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi) has not come here (at fundraiser). This is because it is clear in Kenya now that people are being threatened. If you go to the DP’s meeting, you will be taken to court. If you are seen with DP or in his office, or you are his friend, you will be charged even for no reason,” Ruto said.

“What kind of politics is that? We should never have a place for such, ours is a democratic society.” Ruto alleged there was an attempt to use the criminal justice system to perpetuate a particular political agenda. “I want to say for avoidance of doubt that leaders in Kenya today – governors, MPs, MCAs – are being intimidated, blackmailed and threatened that they will be taken to court because of their political affiliation,” said Ruto.

“I am the DP, elected by the people of Kenya and I have no apologies to make to anybody.”

“Very soon, we shall call them out. They must stop the nonsense of making telephone calls to leaders and blackmailing people. If they are men enough, let them face me. Let them not hide behind shadows and telephone calls,” he added.

Meru Woman Rep Kawira Mwangaza said they will not allow power brokers to destroy the country’s unity.

MPs Kimani Ichung’wa, Mugambi Rindikiri, Moses Kuria, Kirima Nguchine, Halima Mucheke, Josphat Gichunge and John Mutunga were among the leaders present.