Ruwe Holy Ghost Church, Archbishop Joel Ofuna Ogwire defies other churches and asks kenyans to stay at home.


Archbishop Ofuna has urged all his church members and everybody else to follow all the Covid-19 directives laid down by the Government to speed up the fight against Covid-19

Speaking to the media at their church in Carwash Kisumu, the Archbishop asked people to stay at home and keep social distance. He supported the government stating that prayers can also be done from home.

“Our president is a christian and he understands the situation, so we should follow his directive about praying.” He said.

“Prayers have not been stopped. You can pray at home.All church n religious activities should go on but people should avoid Congregation. Lets not only depend in sabbath prayers. This is the time for true Christians to pray daily and move closer to the lord. If all these people die then we will not have these churches. So lets wait for the right time from the government. “

The archbishop has also reminded everybody to know that not greeting people is not a sign of disrespect and people should not be afraid of what family n friends will think. Instead he urged people to be Covid-19 attack. He also urged against Fist bumping saying it it is not safe.

The archbishop has also reminded the people to help their needy neighbors and share the little they have with their less fortunate neighbors. Lets be our brothers keepers.