State Of Learning Amid Covid 19 Pandemic


Tender Care Managing Director Mr. Evanson Kahoro praises the government for the introduction of CBC citing that it will ensure learners are well equipped with skills that fit their areas of interest in future.

He added that the system incorporates a way where both teachers and parents are able to work together in the education of learners unlike before where parents had left the burden of educating their children to teachers which was much tiresome for a teacher to track the activities of a learner when he/she is at home.

“we should not force all kids to excel in academics but what the CBC has brought is the inclusivity of natural talents such as sports. In the initial stages of CBC there is alot of trial and error and might seem expensive to parents but on the overall it is the best way to go.” He said

Further the director has asked Tax Stakeholders to Review school transport policies which are almost the same as public transport policies.
He argued that public transport is meant to make money and therefore the industry is able to pay the levies imposed by the taxman unlike school transport which is not a business but a system to ensure learning runs appropriately.

Following the governments idea to reintroduce corporal punishment due to indscipline cases Mr. Kahoro has highly advised that discipline is a very delicate matter that should be addressed properly and it needs to start with the teachers themselves.

The school went ahead to impose strict guidelines as required by the ministry of health (MOH) where visitors are required to well sanitize and measure their temperature levels before accessing the school facility and they also installed water points where learners can wash their hands from time to time a move that has seen the school record zero covid-19 cases.

Tender Care is a network of schools that provide an environment where each child can realise his or her potential and this is best achieved within the context of a caring and supportive community.