Statement By the Clergy for Raila on Remarks attributed to MAMA IDA ODINGA On Churches


At the launch of a book by Archbishop Emeritus Habakuk Abogno of the church of Christ in Africa (CCA), Mama Ida Odinga, clearly stated that there is need for registration of all churches under the umbrella of The National Council of Churches of Kenya with the sole aim of protecting the religious sector. Other religious bodies Catholic House of Bishops.

The above remarks attributed to MAMA IDA ODINGA were twisted by people hell bent on projecting her remarks as an attack on the community of churches in our Nation. As expected, our opponents have lurched onto this statement to shore up their dwindling campaign fortunes.

MAMA IDA has continuously called on the protection and space of churches in the country.

First, we wish to remind the campaign team that Mama Ida is neither a politician nor is she running for president. Therefore their desperation to drag her and her words into the ongoing discourse is juvenile, disrespectful and ill – advised.

Secondly, and more importantly, it is curious that anyone would find fault with the unequivocal desire to protect the country from conmen, fraudsters and criminals hiding in church, unless they share such ideology.

The call by Mama Ida Odinga that all churches should be registered under NCCK Evangelical (CAK) is a bold move aimed at protecting the churches against fraudsters who set up makeshift churches that seek to serve narrow individual interests.

We are aware the same political formation has consistently embraced any political player who runs afoul of the law, so we are not surprised that they indeed find the call by Mama Ida that all registered churches should subscribe to NCCK’s mandate that has fought so hard for the rights and freedom of worship in our country.

Their campaign meanwhile should stick to the issues at play and to the specific candidates they are running against, or as advised by the Rt Hon Raila Odinga, leave the scene and watch how government is meant to be run.