A 16 years old girl is struggling with a severe condition that is causing swelling of her breast tissues which threatens to cut short her education. Rael Chacha from Kengariso Primary School in Kuria West suffers from Gigantomastia, a rare condition that causes excessive growth of the female breasts. Rael says that she started to feel unease around her breast in May this year.

The girl who comes from Mugwera village in Nyamosense/Komosoko Ward says that the condition has made her a laughing stock among her peers.Rael’s mother Mrs. Anna Muruga says that her child sickness came abruptly. She notes that they have tried to take her to various hospitals in Migori County but were referred to Kisii Referral hospital for a specialized treatment. Mrs. Muruga says that due to financial constraints the family decided to seek the services of a traditional healer where the girl was subjected to six months of traditional treatment. She acknowledges that the treatment failed to heal her child. Muruga says that they decided to return the girl to Kisii referral early this month through the intervention from Rael’s school teachers. The hospital found out that the operation was necessary but required Shs 150,000.Muruga also points out that due to unexplained reasons the hospital declined their NHIF card leaving them with no option of having to cater for the operation fee. She called upon well-wishers to come to her aid and assist her child to seek the medical intervention that she requires.

Gigantomastia is a rare condition characterized by excessive breast growth

Thomas Nyabite, the father of Rael says that at first she thought her daughter was pregnant but after a medical checkup from a nearby clinic they discovered her breasts were enlarging. He noted that they had no other choice but to seek for well-wishers to assist the family with the financial needs of the operation. He said that they organized for a Harambee but were only able to raise shs 25,000 leaving them with a balance of shs 125,000 for operation to commence The Headteacher of Kengariso primary school Mr. Wycliffe Wankio who has taught Rael for seven years said that they suspect that she was pregnant.

Wankio notes that female teachers came to her office with some concerns about the girls’ condition. He notes that they decided as a school to call her parents and advised them to seek medical tests. The head teacher says that upon verifying that she was not pregnant they intervened and asked if the condition was hereditary but that was not the case. Wankio then advised the parents to look for specialized treatment only to be shocked that the parents went for a traditionalized healer for six months. He says that they asked her parents to seek proper medical care so that they can allow the girl to continue with her education. He acknowledges that Rael was subjected to stigmatization by her peers and therefore, the school so it fit for her to be treated before being allowed to continue with her education. Rael noted that the condition has forced her to abandon the chores that she initially used to do because of the severe pain she experiences. She says that sleeping at night has become a problem. Rael also says that she feels pain around her neck and chest because her condition keeps on stretching her body mussels. Rael, who was supposed to sit for her KCPE exams this year, missed out because of her condition. She will also be unable to sit for the same exam next year because she has missed out the entire year without learning and hence was not registered as a candidate.

She called on well-wishers to help her seek treatment in order to achieve her dreams. Rael parents can be reached through their home mobile phone on 0791041323 or 0790954608.