Students could stay home even for a year: Magoha

Education CS Prof. George Magoha. PHOTO|COURTESY

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha now says he is exclusively tied to the Covid-19 situation in the country on the question of when schools will be reopened.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Education on Thursday, Prof. Magoha said students could remain at home, even for a year as long as the current coronavirus outbreak remains out of control in the country.

The Education CS told the Members of Parliament that he is not in a position to categorically state when schools will be reopened.

“If the situation was to change as we move along in the course of the month, nothing stops the government from saying ‘well it is safe enough to reopen schools,’” said Magoha.

“…on the other hand, if the situation gets completely out of control then we shall have to bite the bullet. The children are alive and are at home. So what… they’ll stay at home. Even if it means they have to stay at home for a year, so be it. It is not only in Kenya where this is happening. But who knows we could be in control in two months. So don’t open a metal pipe and tell me to give dates. It is not possible to do so,” said the Education CS.

He however noted that the government has not decided whether to postpone this year’s national examinations, adding that consultations are ongoing on the matter.

Magoha said when schools reopen, the learners will continue with the syllabus from where they stopped.

“When schools reopen, the syllabus will start from where it stopped and our teachers are good teachers and if they focus on those children who didn’t have the benefit of e-learning at home, they will be able to cover quickly,” said the CS.

In a press briefing on April 26, CS Magoha extended the closure of schools to June, but with the rising curve of Covid-19 infections the students could remain at home longer.