Today, we as members of Team one Nation have gathered here to engage the great people of Kenya on key fundamental  occurrences that have continued to shape the future of our beloved country.  First and foremost, Team one Nation is a not profit organization formed  in 2020 whose primary objective is to advocate and promote the cohesion, unity and objective team playing by young leaders  across all political factions across the country of Kenya. Team One Nation seeks to spread a spirited unity  agenda across the nation  by the advancement of political  cohesiveness and tolerance  within  it.

Team one nation provides a forum for its members, non-members and affiliates to meet and exchange information,  ideas and solutions  to important   issues facing the country’s scope of unity and political diversity. Team one nation offers an ideological  framework for both-young  upcoming  leaders and seasoned politicians  to work together,  tolerate each other political  viewpoint  without  animosity and ultimately  put Kenya first despite political  and ideological differences.

Over the last couple of weeks, Team one nation  has joined the national  conversation  on BBI.  Our esteemed members have identified  themselves with the provisions  and recommendations of the aforementioned  document.  We have been part of the patriotic Kenyans who have hit the road running and visited  more than  20 counties in a bid to popularize  the BBI nationalistic agenda.  As team one Nation,  we continue to believe that BBI recommendations  have come in at a timely fashion and when passed, our great country of Kenya will have made one remarkable step towards cohesion,  economic growth, political fair-play and a strengthened democracy. In that light, we want to formerly  loud and congratulate   the pioneers of BBI that is his Excellency  President  Uhuru Kenyatta and the right honorable

Raila  Odinga. We continue to hold the belief that their coming together,  burying the hatchet and pledging to work together, will go a long way in ending the decades old tribal animosity  that for so long has riddled our nation’s political discourse.

In  the same  measure, we want to extend our appreciation as a team to the MCAs and the counties  that have so far voted overwhelmingly  in favor of BBI. This passage of BBI  in all these counties is a solid pronouncement of the shared vision  deeply  held by leaders even at the grassroots  levels. We believe that this same shared vision will carry the day when the great people  of Kenya will massively  vote in favor of key constitution  amendments that will ensure a more united and socio-economically prosperous nation.  Being a super  Tuesday,  we wait with immense anticipation  as the final stretch of BBI sails  through the remaining counties that will affirm the constitutional  required threshold.  We pray that after the passage of BBI at the county assemblies’ level, we shall embark on nationwide  lobby exercise as we hold honest conversations with the larger citizenry ahead of the crucial referendum

AS the founding  patron and national  coordinator  of Team one Nation Kenya, We want to extend our unreserved appreciation to Mr Maina  Njenga for his selflessness  during the almost  concluded national BBI popularization  drive.  Mr.  Maina  Njenga  has boldly demonstrated  his statesmanship  by being at the fore front  in leading the pro BBI dialogues  across the counties. We continue to believe that as the patron for team one Nation Kenya, his fortitude and political  tenacity will go a long way in helping  Kenya achieve its desire of unity, cohesion  and socio-economic prosperity.

Having  said that, we as team one nation continues  to urge our fellow patriotic  Kenyans to embrace BBI and offer their  unreserved support. For we truly believe that by building bridges, we shall have ushered our country into a new era of peace and prosperity. God bless  you

And may God continue to bless the great people of Kenya