Tension In Migori


Tension was high in Migori town, Migori county as supporters of Suna West MP Peter Masara and Former Suna West MP Joseph Ndiege clashed.

What started as celebrations turned chaotic when Ndiege’s supporters were unhappy with Masara’s faction. 

The supporters who had gathered at opposite directions at first tried scaring each other as they threw words of insult at each other.

Suna West MP Peter Masara and Former Suna West MP Joseph Ndiege clashed

It was with a single stone that the supporters clashed and started fighting each other.

According to Suna West sub county Police commander Elizabeth Walukoba, the supporters had blocked the road before they started throwing stones at each other.

The ordeal went on for half an hour before police could intervene and calm the situation.

Walukoba linked the fracas to political intolerance as she said officers present at the scene calmed the situation.

Walukoba said they had not received cases where someone had been injured.

However, after an hour of calm, the supporters clashed again and engaged police in running battles.

Police were forced to lobby teargas to disperse the crowd.

The supporters who were hard heartened continued chanting “the fight is not yet over” as they chanted provoking words towards each other.

In Uriri sub-county, there was commotion which resulted to a 25 year-old man being hit with a club on the head.

According to Migori county commander Mark Wanjala, the person was rushed to Migori hospital died

Wanjala said ten people were arrested in Nyatike Sub-county after they were found blocking people from voting on August 9 and two were found to be having machetes in their vehicles.

He confirmed that they were arrested.

He further noted that Kosere in Suna West a presiding officer was arrested after he was found hiding ballot papers.