The IEBC to begin Boundaries review in March 2020


The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission through is to commence review of Constituencies and Wards boundaries as from March 2020 being the beginning of the eighth (8th) year while the end of the twelfth (12) year is February 2024.

This is as par Article 89 of the constitution of Kenya 2010 which mandates the commission to review names and boundaries of constituencies at intervals of not less than eight (8) years and not more than twelve (12) years.

Further, the commission is mandated to review the number, names and boundaries of Wards periodically. Such reviews must be completed at least one (1) year before a General election for the new boundaries to take effect. In this case, the review must be completed before July 2021.

In a statement sent to newsrooms, the commission stated that the review of constituencies and ward boundaries will be mainly based on the population quota derived from the latest census of 2019 which additionally provides for other parameters such as geographical features and urban centers; community of interests, historical, economic, and cultural ties; and means of communication.

In its preparedness, the commission has developed a Boundaries Review Operations Plan ( BROP ) that provides a roadmap for the exercise. Capacity building has also been initiated for its staff, procurement of requisite tools and conducting of pilot boundary review.

However, the commission is hampered by inadequate budgetary allocation. Regardless, its set to commence implementation of the boundaries review operations plan subject to availability of budget and the 2019 census data which has been requested from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).