Uhuru declares Saturday national prayer day

President Uhuru Kenyatta gives his address during the Proclamation of the National Day of Prayer, at State House, Nairobi.

Following the confirmation of the fourth coronavirus case in the country, President Uhuru Kenyatta has declared Saturday March 21 a National Day for Prayers.

However, unlike the previous prayer days, the Saturday one will be observed in various homes across the country as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement to media houses on Tuesday, Uhuru said the decision to declare Saturday a prayer day was reached after consulting with ordinary Kenyans and religious leaders in the country.

“After consulting a cross-section of ordinary Kenyans as well as our religious leaders, I have decided to declare this coming Saturday, March 21, 2020, as a National Day for Prayer,” said the President.

President Uhuru said despite the coronavirus pandemic, Kenya and its citizens will not ignore God more so at a time when we need God the most.

“We cannot ignore the need to turn to God. In these circumstances as we have done in the past as a nation, we have always turned to God first to give thanks for the many blessings that He has bestowed on our nation,” Uhuru said.

He said with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Kenyans need to turn to God and share with Him our fears and seek his protection.

“We also turn to God to share our fears, our apprehensions, but also to seek his guidance and ever-present protection,” he added.

The Head of States said it is only God that will give Kenyans hope and comfort in the face of the ongoing threat of coronavirus in the entire world, adding that Kenyans should seize the opportunity to turn to prayers.

“We acknowledge always that we are nothing without our God. And we have learnt over time that turning to God in such times gives us not only comfort but also hope and strength to overcome even those challenges that for us as humans may seem insurmountable,” said President Uhuru.

He said the prayers will be conducted in various homes and places of work across the country following the recent protocols announced by the government to curb the spread of the disease.

“In consideration of the protocols that we announced on Sunday and other ongoing ones that will be announced from time to time, I have thought it necessary that this day of prayer be observed in our homes, in our places of work or wherever we shall be residing on that day.”

The prayers, according to President Uhuru will be led by a team of religious leaders from State House, Nairobi begging 12 noon on Saturday. Uhuru requested all media houses, both TV and radio stations, to broadcast the prayers live to ensure that all Kenyans participate.

“I appeal to our media houses to broadcast this event live on all our television stations, our radio stations and our online platforms to fallow Kenyans to participate in this event,” he said.

He urged Kenyans to ask for forgiveness for anything that we may have done wrong or ask God to forgive us our sins “On that day, we will be asking God for His forgiveness for anything that we may have done wrong or wronged Him.” He also asked Kenyans to pray for God’s protection against our country Kenya and its people.

“We shall together ask for His protection and blessing for our Nation, for our people, for the world and all global citizens. We shall ask God to abide with us, and to guide us, both in this period, and in times to come,” he added.

Uhuru assured Kenyans that as a government, they will continue to do everything possible to keep Kenyans safe and prevent further spread of the coronavirus to other parts of the country.

“In our own local context, we have done and continue to do everything possible to keep our citizens safe, and prevent further spread of the virus to our population while securing the continuity of business operations,” he said.