United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party’s caucus for persons with disabilities


We Persons With Disabilities, members of the United Democratic Alliance, drawn from across the country.
AWARE of our constitutional right to participate in politics, as a means towards a better Kenya
EXERCISING our democratic right to form or join a political party as per article 38 of the Constitution
DESIROUS of the mandate to ensure fair representation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of public life
COMMITTED to serving fellow Kenyans, including those with disabilities in the mainstream of politics which organizes society,
DO hereby state as follows:

  1. THAT we formally endorse H.E William Samoei Ruto as our Presidential Candidate and 5th President of the Republic of Kenya. He is GOD fearing, visionary, energetic, patriotic and committed to serve the people of Kenya, a gifted leader who stands tall against his competitors and nemesis. While others represent the past, he represents the future.
  2. THAT we wish to thank H.E William Ruto as a our party leader and the UDA party for zero rating the nomination fees for aspirants with disabilities from MCA up to the Presidential position. This has increased the political participation of us in unprecedented manner in the political history of our republic. As a result, over 300 aspirants with disabilities have shown up to contest for various positions, including a young lady Tracy Wanjiru who is gunning for the presidency.
  3. THAT the UDA party considers that at least 10% of all those who shall be given the nomination certificates to run as candidates, be persons with disabilities, in fulfillment of article 29 of the Convention of the Rights of Persons With Disabilities (CRPD), Article 54 (2) of the Constitution of Kenya that requires that 5% of all elective and appointive positions be for persons with disabilities.
  4. in fulfillment of Agenda 101, Parliament should amend the elections act to provide for 2 THAT MCAs in each County assembly nominated, Man and woman to represent Persons With disabilities. Currently more than half of the assemblies lack our representation.
  5. THAT of the 12 nomination Slots in the National Assembly, 4 of them should be reserved for persons with disabilities being two Male and two female
  6. THAT the 2 Senate seats be retained as is, and not to be scrapped as had been proposed by the discreted and nullified BBI Constitutional Ammedments
  7. THAT UDA should formally entrench the Disability Caucus in its constitution
  8. THAT Persons With Disabilities should be represented in the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the UDA party.
  9. THAT we shall be retreating after the National Delegates Conference to develop a charter that wil form part of UDA’s manifesto, defining the agenda and priorities that our government will address once elected into office in August this year.
    We call upon persons with disabilities stand up and be counted during the party primaries (nominations), be visible in the campaigns and come out in large numbers to vote for our presidential candidate in the forthcoming general elections on 9th August 2022.
    We pray to the almighty GOD to grant us favor, protection and victory, and that persons with disabilities shall truly count in the political process, that they shall rise from the bottom up, to occupy positions of influence and leadership, including having a full cabinet secretary with disability.
    We call upon all Kenyans to conduct free and fair elections without violence, intimidation, name calling, cyber bullying and all other vices in order to ensure a peaceful and democratic transition.