University of Nairobi staff to take voluntary pay cuts

The University of Nairobi. PHOTO/COURTESY

The University of Nairobi has asked its staff to take a voluntary pay cut due to the negative effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the learning institution.

The message addressed to all staff from office of the Vice chancellor asks the employees to sign a consent form which is attached in the letter.

“…submit it to the Office of Director, Corporate Affairs via e-mail for further action. The percentage deduction shall be applied on the net package after the statutory deduction,” part of the letter reads.

The voluntary salary cuts for UoN staff will be for a period of three months effective from April 2020, and will continue based on the advice of the Ministry of Health on the status of covid-19 pandemic in Kenya.

Last week, the University of Nairobi drafted legislative proposals, which include a clause shielding employees from being fired during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“Notwithstanding the provisions of the Employment Act, no employer shall terminate, lay off or declare any employee redundant during the pandemic, and for a six-month period thereafter,” reads part of the document prepared by the university in collaboration with experts in public health, corporate governance and other sectors.

The Bill also pushes for reconnection for those cut off from power and water before the pandemic was declared, and compels providers to offer the services until Covid-19 is defeated.

The draft document further seeks to compel the government to provide life insurance for all healthcare professionals for 12 months, even after the end of the pandemic.

The proposals have since been submitted to Attorney General, Paul Kihara for government consideration before it can be taken to Parliament.