presidential candidate Wajackoyah during an interview

by EUGINE ONYANGO on 9th june 2022

Presidential hopeful George Wajackoyah revealed that his administration would prioritize snake farming as one of the methods to clear the country’s Ksh 8 trillion public debt if he’s sworn in as president.

Speaking during a interview  Citizen TV on Wednesday, June 8, Wajackoyah stated that they would extract the poison from snakes and manufacture it into snake medicine which would be used locally and exported to other countries. 

He further stated that he planned to sell the snakes as a delicacy once the poison was extracted, mainly to the Chinese who are known for their love for the unique delicacy. 

“There are so many snakes and snake eaters in this country. One of the ways we are going to offset their debt is by taking these snakes, extracting their poison and manufacturing into snake medicine and giving the Chinese the rest to eat as it is a way we can offset the debt,” he affirmed. 

in addition to snake farming Wajackoyah also is advocating for legalization of marinjwana which according to him will help in solving the loan issues the country has plunge into.

“China made Ksh140 billion from planting marijuana. They then lent us Ksh 9 trillion, meaning we are spending China‚Äôs marijuana money on our projects,”  Wajackoyah running mate, Justina Wambui stated. 

Other methods that Wajackoyah advocated for include methods of farming such as agro-economical methods of farming, domestic consumables, poultry and dairy farming.