We are rebranding KANU to recapture its past glory,’ Sec Gen Nick Salat

Kanu Chairman Gideon Moi and Secretary-General Nick Salat. PHOTO | FILE

KANU Secretary General Nick Salat has revealed that the party is on a revival path fight for its stake.

Speaking at a morning show on Spice FM, Mr Salat said that executive leaders of the oldest party have been considering options to rebrand it as they team up with like-minded individuals.

He said that they are working with the youth to accommodate them as they seek a new party outlook to attract the vast population of young people. He said some of the changes may affect the colors and emblems of the party.

“We may just slightly tinker with the Jogoo to relate with the youth. We have a couple of designs once we make a decision we will present it to the country and say that this is our new Jogoo.” He said.

Salat said they were working with other parties supporting the Building Bridges Initiative so that the country can achieve the elusive inclusivity, that has been witnessed since the exit of KANU regime.

“We are supporting BBI to ease pressure on the president to bring about inclusivity. That is why we in KANU are supporting the BBI,” he stated.

His remarks come barely a week after KANU Party leader Senator Gideon Moi was handed the iconic baton by his elder brother Raymond Moi during the funeral service of their father, Daniel arap Moi.

While handing over the baton, under the watch of Kalenjin elders, Raymond said that he was giving his brother his blessings to steer the leadership of KANU and revive the party to its former status.

The baton was a replica of the iconic one which was carried by former President Daniel arap Moi, famously referred to as “Fimbo ya Nyayo.” The ceremony took place at Mzee Moi’s Kabarak Home, in Nakuru, where he was buried on February 12.

While speaking about the political ritual at Kabarak, party’s SG Nick Salat said that the handover may have been planned and blessed by the former president before his death.

Salat rubbished the notion that the party had been hit with a power vacuum after the death of former President Moi. He said that KANU supports the re-introduction of the position of executive Prime Minister and two deputies arguing that the extra post will help accommodate various ethnic groups in leadership.

According to Salat, when political appointments are diverse and cover various communities, most Kenyans from such ethnicities will feel a sense of belonging in the executive.

He waded into the supremacy battle pitting Baringo Senator Gideon Moi and Deputy President William Ruto, saying that KANU is making steps to spread its influence even more.

Salat said that they are prepared to challenge the notion that DP Ruto commands support in the region. He however said that the situation can be tied to the resources.

“It’s not going to be a walk in the park but we are up to the challenge. He has had the machinery and we don’t have that…It will be a decision of the people,” he said. He said that the party has embarked on recruiting youthful leaders to occupy high positions in the party, so that they can inject fresh ideas.