Willy Paul remark on Gengetone


Singer Willy Paul has a beef with Gengetone artists leaving fans speculating his intentions. On Tuesday, he took to social media on Instagram; “RIP Gengetone, finally He followed up with another post as if to question fans “Why are you guys upset after I said R.I.P Gengetone, surely you are supposed to be happy”.

Most fans assumed his word that maybe it’s for a stunt before launching a new a song as the way he did with Size 8. The two released their song last month Willy Paul ranted how size 8 blocked him on her social media platforms, Size 8’s husband DJ Mo commented saying “Nitakufinya”(I will pinch you).

This one, is one of the many stunts that music artists engage in to attract funs before they release their projects, anticipating that the attention they release before the new hit will engage audience to support them when finally the hit is out.

Engaging fans in drama, on social media is one of the way musician artists in this line of work. They putting effort to maintain funs and their name in the industry.