World International Bamboo Day Celebrated in Migori


The World International Bamboo day celebration was marked in Migori County where its importance was highlighted.

Speaking during the event, the Migori County Director for Environment, Climate Change, Natural Resources and Disaster Management Mr. Tom Misenya said that Bamboo was a cash crop that will help improve the livelihood of Migori residents as well as the climate change mitigation if the resident fully embraced it.

He said that Migori had a low forest cover and planting of Bamboo trees was a good opportunity to conserve the ecological restoration.

The official highlighted that the county had a target of planting more than 1.5 million trees within three years to meet the constitution required of 10 percent.

He urged the residents to plant trees in order to ensure they meet the required forest cover.

The Migori County Officer in charge of Environment, Climate Change, Natural Resources and Disaster Management, Ms. Rosemary Okello said that Bamboo was an alternative cash crop that should be embraced by Migori resident’s because of its economic value.

Ms. Rosemary said that chairs, rugs and other products can be made from the Bamboo and she encouraged the residents to plant Bamboo in order to increase the forest cover.

She said that Migori had a forest cover of 0.64 percent which needed to be increased to reach the said target of 10 percent.

The official stated that Bamboo trees will ensure that rainfall is increased, medicinal values are generated and conservation of river floors is sustained.

In attendance was Mr. Daniel Nyabok, the Director for Agricultural Improvement Support Services said that the policies that were ascended to by the Migori Governor, Zachary Obado will help to ensure that the climate change is achieved.

He thanked the Migori County for their cooperation in ensuring that the conservation of the Migori forest cover is sustained.

Mr. Nyabok stated that Bamboo is a key cash crop for the provision of soil erosion and conservation of the forest. A total of 200 Bamboo seedlings were planted at Migori Boys High School during the event to ensure that the forest cover is increased.