Schooling During Covid-19

Courtesy: Lolwe tv

Story by Simon Awino

The whole nation is waiting for the schools to reopen. Imagine this is what a young child wakes up and believes that soon things will turn. Each and every governmental sector give a huge chunk of capital to spread across.
Right now some institutions have resulted to using the digitised way of learning. Let’s be realistic even if our minds too are corrupt.

A family deeply rooted somewhere in Baringo, Samburu, Turkana and many other parts of our so called country, when will they ever get that opportunity. First the means of survival is by grace.
This are some of the areas none knows even about electricity they only get to learn about them in classrooms that have got holes on the walls that illuminates classrooms.

The best phone a parent can afford maybe is just a normal phone tied round using a rubber band.
Even the struggling areas have leaders but what do they do best?
Even the little bursary funds that’s meant to uplift the less privileged they still put into their on benefit.
If am not speaking of the truth give me an example of a leader who’s child attends classes under a tree and I will believe that we all have equal chances in an environment.

We keep crying but again we keep embracing the very same greedy leaders that the only language their trousers and skirts acknowledge is central bank of Kenya’s asset.

None even sympathizes the teachers in such areas. The government does not even appreciate the hard good task the teachers in such schools give. To most of them what they fancy most is making and bending laws that keeps leaning towards them.

The president is always open giving his wise agenda but does it mean that there is a place in between that the chain of command got rust and should be worked on????
Who is supposed to be accountable then?
We all admire a country with brains that can create,innovate and empower equally and not brains that drain and keep dragging just because someone is not on toes.
This would have been the perfect time just to try and work on something in regards to the education sector. Build and renovate classrooms and even engage headteachers in such areas to table some of the challenges and possible remedy to same.