Average man takes more selfies than a lady

A man taking a selfie

According to a recent new research, it states that average men they usually take more selfies than women in a single day.

According to a report by Barefoot Wine, it is stated that 73 percent of men who are between the ages of 25 and 34 – are more likely to snap and share their pics compared to only 64 percent of their female counterparts.

The study also proved that a number of Brits view selfies as the ultimate form of self-expression which contributes to their overall happiness.

Through a Behavioral Psychologist Dr. Mark Griffiths at Nottingham Trent University he says, “Selfies have become a key source of personal expression over the last few years and are a quick and convenient way for people to present themselves in a way that they want other individuals to see them outside of their social circle.

“Social media has allowed social networks to expand in ways never thought possible a decade ago. A selfie can say more about a person than the written word.”