Government to review Curfew measures.

The scientist and other experts had confirmed that the deadly virus could stay longer-Dr Mwangangi

​The government plans to review security measures put in place to control the spread of Covid-19 this weekend.

Speaking during the brief on Covid-19 situation in country, Dr. Mwangangi said that scientist and other experts had confirmed that the deadly virus could stay longer, as announced by the World Health Organization.

This virus maybe with us for a long time to come and therefore it requires us to maintain our current containment measures and to ensure that we can chat a way forward as to how we are able to live with Corona,” she said.

The National Command Centre on the Coronavirus Pandemic is currently reviewing the enforcement of the existing public health measures against the rising numbers of positive cases and will present its findings to President Kenyatta tomorrow.

It’s also likely that more sectors in the economy could be reopened following an evaluation of whether the controlled reopening of restaurants is working or not.

There will be restrictions in some areas could be eased as others are tightened, based on current risk and projections.

The challenge for the Kenyan government is how to slow down the number of infections while not suppressing the economy.

Across the country, however, life appears to be slowly going back to normal as the initial scare among Kenyans over the disease eases. Traffic jams, for example, are back in Nairobi.

We have learnt that there are plans to resume air travel, and stakeholders are currently evaluating how to do it safely without introducing new cases of Covid-19 in the country.

One of the options being considered is ensuring travellers have a Covid-free certificate to show that they have recently tested negative for the virus.