Diamond Platnumz had heard enough

Tanzania Singer Diamond Platnumz

The singer has had enough of hateful comments regarding his recent clip that he posted on his IG account as seen down below.

Many were criticizing the singer on why he left his son Daylan whom he has with Tanzania’s vixen Hamissa Mobetto which resulting to the singers’ marriage come to a complete end.

This however resulted in fans choosing sides between team Zari, team Hamissa and even diamond’s ex Wema.

Obviously Team Zari had a huge fan base in which some of the fans tried to convince Diamond that the child was not his. They looked at the singers’ physical features and they came to a conclusion that there is no resemblance at all.


The singer took to his IG account and he clarified this by writing a caption and it reads”

Diamond Platnumz with his son Daylan
Diamond Platnumz with his son Daylan

This is my Kid…..and he will be forever be my Kid, tena My Beloved Kid…

Hakuweza kuwepo kwenye clip iliyopita sababu @lukambaofficial Hakuwa maa clip

Ya mimi na yeye ya Hivi karibuni ……….na si Vinginevyo …..Halaf cha kuongeza . msiniletee Uteam wenu lwa watoto zangu! They are all my kids, Nawapenda  na siwezi mtenga wala kumbagua yoyote ……