Elder Sister to Jacque Maribe sends uplifting message to cheer her up


Family always comes first. These we have all witnessed with Jacque Maribe’s family who supporting their own. Her Elder Sister Cathylene Maribe together with the Father Mwangi Maribe has been supporting Jacque from when she was summoned by police which she was later arrested.

The TV anchor troubles began on September 27th when she was summoned to Kilimani police station to record a statement due to the death of Monica Kimani.

Her Father stood by her when they went to the station in which the public were shocked to see how the father stood by her daughter as the press wanted to take photos.



Both Jacque and her fiancé Joseph Irungu (Jowie) were both present at the Milimani Law Courts the previous Tuesday. The couples are on murder charges after the DPP was shown evidence by the detectives.

Jacque was in pain as she was shedding tears of sadness when she appeared in court. Her older sister Cathylene Maribe sent some motivation message during the court hearing.

“The pain that I feel in my heart is beyond this world…. But my spirit is calm because I know that this is God using us to show that he is Jehovah…,” wrote Cathylene Maribe.