Give support to private schools, government told


Kenya National Private Schools Association Chairman Charles Ochome has called upon the National Government to extend resources to the private schools.

Ochome says the government should develop policies that cuts across to aid both private and public schools.
He says private schools needs resources too from the national Government since there are no public or private child in the country.

He says currently, public schools are overstretched and only funding to private schools by the national Government will help equip and bridge the gap in learning facilities.

Speaking during a Thanksgiving ceremony in Kisumu, attended by the new association officials, Ochome promised to ensure he steered the association to greater heights.

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o who attended the event says private schools play a pivotal role in education matters in the country.

Nyong’o says they compliment what the National Government can’t be able to offer. 
He says the population receiving education in the private sector is huge and they must be included in the policy formulation.

Nyong’o says it is important for the National Government to support private schools where need be.

By Joseph Ojwang

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