A Non-Governmental Organization has said Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) will not assist in passing and implementing the two-thirds gender rule bill which has failed to pass in the August house four times. 
Mrs. Betty Okerro while representing Civil Society Organization Network said women leaders are must demand the full implementation of the two-thirds gender rule and their voices be heard. 
Mrs. Okerro said that the lawmakers failed to make history and did not enact the enabling legislation to ensure equitable gender representation in Parliament thus BBI will change nothing without women’s unity. 
The Nyanza CSO Network representative said Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization and other women representatives should not only give ultimatum to the taskforce committee but see that their agenda is well embodied relook at the rule which was failed in parliament. 
She said Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization certainly does not protect the interests of women as a class of citizens not to argue that their position is invalid or does not deserve a platform but to provide context and to assert it is not the women’s position adding that implementation of the rule will be key to realizing the 50-50 principal. 
Only 195 MPs voted in its support, despite 242 members being present. 
The constitution does not stipulate the formula through which the two-thirds principle should be achieved leaving it to the state to put in place a law for the purpose. 
But Okerro said going forward the bill seeking to enact the rule must be revisited and re-introduced in the house. 
She further called upon the adaption and application of the opposite gender rule by all arms of the national and county government. 
The recommendations come even as the house seems to have changed tact in ensuring women get more political seats in the 2022 election.