Maid kidnapped a baby from Zimmerman estate asks Ksh10,000

Sharon Chepkoech, after she was intercepted when she tried fleeing with her employer's baby. PHOTO COURTESY

Police in Nairobi are probing an incident where a maid allegedly kidnapped a baby from Zimmerman estate and asked for Ksh10,000 ransom.

In a text message, the 24-year-old Sharon Chepkoech is reported to have taken the two-month-old baby without the knowledge of the parents.

She has allegedly threatened to flee with the baby to Malawi if the money demanded is not paid out to her.


The girl, who has since been arrested, was grilled by officers from Shauri Moyo Police Station before being moved to Kiamumbi in Mwiki.

According to Mary Ndegwa, the maid was employed two weeks ago.

“She had stolen my clothes and had carried a knife in case the money was not sent she said I will never see my baby,” said Ms Ndegwa.

A grateful Mary Ndegwa told the media that she was thankful that her baby was found safe.

“I thank God…she kidnapped my first born she was asking to be sent money or else I will never see my baby again, luckily with help of friends and relatives the phone she was using was tracked and she was arrested…” said Ms Ndegwa.