Man Arrested For Marrying A Class Four Girl

Photo by Unknown Photography.

A 26-year-old man who allegedly eloped with a class four pupil has been arrested together with his father.The suspect was arrested by Administration Police officers at Nyaundho village in Rangwe sub-county. He was arrested with the help of area chief Peter Oula, who was tipped off by the public.

The man was alleged to have been living with the 13-year-old in a manner likely to suggest she was his wife. They lived in a church owned by his parents.According to Mr Oula, police stormed the church and found the suspect and the minor naked. The man attempted to flee but was nabbed.“The young man wanted to escape but police got hold of him. He was responsible for the girl’s decision to drop out of school for an early marriage,” Oula said. Before being found at the man’s house, the girl had not been seen by her parents for three months. Her sudden disappearance from home had made her parents to report her as missing.

“We have been making inquiries after the minor’s parents reported that their daughter had gone missing three months ago,” said Oula.The suspect’s father, however, attempted to shield him from police officers, telling them the minor had been in the church to receive special prayers.“The suspect’s father lied to us, saying that the girl had come to church for prayers. This made us conclude he was part of the efforts to have the girl married early,” Oula said. The suspect, his father and the girl were detained at Rangwe police station.