Nyamira County residents to benefit from Bonyunyu Dam

Nyamira County Deputy Governor Amos Nyaribo with Commissioner Isaiah Nakoru.
Nyamira County Deputy Governor Amos Nyaribo plauded the cordial relationship between the national and county government as a factor that will make the Bonyunyu dam water project be completed in time.
Speaking during a round table consultative meeting that brought together representatives of the national government, County government and a supervisory team from the funding agency in the Netherlands at the County’s boardroom, Nyaribo added that though there were challenges initially, the calm that has been witnessed on the ground is a confirmation that the project has been embraced by the locals.
“The people of Bonyunyu will benefit from the water project once it is complete.”said Nyaribo.
The technical team and experts from Netherlands,who are on a social impact assesment of the Bonyunyu dam,will ultimately look at the dam and its technicalities in relation to the people living near it.
National Environmental Management Authority(NEMA) officials present said that a report is being worked on that will give the status of the project and the way foward.
The chairperson of the project,Ambasasdor Rtd Van Gool,said the team is not out to approve or disapprove the project but out on a fact finding mission on the procedures in the project implementation.
“The funding agency will look at the report and give its reccommendations that will give room for further reviews.”added the Rtd Ambassador.
He added that the technical team will talk to all people involved and will come up with their own report .He hoped that the project will ultimately be of benefit to the people.
Nyamira county Commissioner Mr Isaiah Nakoru,who was present,was confident that responses from the people will be favourable.
He assured the team that the 22 public meetings that have taken place with the people of Bonyunyu have been fruitful and have created a good working relationship between the locals and the government.
“There are no fears amongst the people because compensation and security of the people is assured,” added the County Commissioner.