Popular Singer Otile Brown Comes Clean

The two Love birds Otile Brown and Vera Sidika

Singer Otile Brown is now clearly in love together with his girlfriend Vera Sidika. But for the two love birds coming out as couples it has brought in some mixed reactions with the public. In which some are very happy especially their fans but not others like, Frasha from P-unit who is not that quite impressed with the two love birds.

Otile, has recently confessed that he might be “broke” but Vera loves him just like that, shared that she asked Vera to love him if they were really going to date. He wanted the relationship to be true and not like what Vera has been experiencing before.



Otile brown on the left and Vera Sidika on the right
Otile brown on the left and Vera Sidika on the right

At a past interview, the singer admitted that he was fully aware of Vera’s past and ill reputation, adding that they had a mutual adult agreement on how to go about their thing.

“Everybody wants Vera, but for me when we started I told her if you love me I’ll love you but if you play me we’ll laugh when you come back home but it will not be real,” he said.

Asked whether he’s ever cheated on Sidika, the singer denied. “I’ve never cheated on her, why would I cheat on her?” he asked.