Gikuyu Afro Pop Singer-Songwriter Ayrosh has just released the music video for a catchy heartbreak song NÚÚ featuring YouTube sensation Múringí. Gikuyu for “Who?”, NÚÚ is about a relationship that has reached the end of the road.  As Ayrosh wonders who will love him like his lost lover, Múringí tells him to appreciate the fact that theirs wasn’t a dramatic ending.

Watch NÚÚ on YouTube: https://bit.ly/34Z38Dq

Buy NÚÚ on Mookh: https://bit.ly/3eHUFsV

Produced by Mutoriah, the track combines Ayrosh’s rich raspy vocals with Múringí’s mellow tone to bring forth a refreshing, new age Múgithii collaboration. The music video for NÚÚ was directed by seasoned director Johnson Kyalo and switches from grainy filters reminiscent of past era photos to the smooth glaze of modern-day music videos. Ayrosh is seen following Múringí in the countryside before the scene changes to both of them posing in front of a rustic iron sheet house and a makeshift outdoor photo studio setup.

The release of NÚÚ comes off the back of a successful edition of Folk Fusion that saw Ayrosh and Múringí perform on stage together for the first time at his quarterly cultural gathering.

Ayrosh, a fast-growing household name in Kenya, is revolutionizing Múgithi music blending it with popular genres such as Pop, R&B, Reggae, and EDM. Since his first single Wendo in 2016, Ayrosh has collaborated with Kenyan musicians Mutoriah, Kwame Rigii, Ythera, and Waithaka Ent. The electric performer has graced numerous stages in Nairobi including Múgithii Festival, Jamhuri Festival, Africa Nouveau Festival, and his own production Folk Fusion.  

Ayrosh earned two nominations in 2018 for Best Alternative Artist of the Year at Sondeka Awards and Folk Artist of the Year at Cafe Ngoma Awards. In June 2019, he released the Murasta EP with Waithaka Ent, which cleverly blends Afro-house beats with Gikuyu, English, and Swahili lyrics.