Ruth Matete Comes Clean

Ruth Matete with her dad

The popular Season 5 Tusker Project Winner Ruth Matete, has recently come clean on why she does not have any hate against her father’s decision through her various development in her entire lively hood.

During a recent interview on Bambika show which airs on Sunday at Citizen TV. She explains how once her father kicked her from the house and was taken to her current boyfriend’s house.As seen below with her current boyfriend

Ruth Matete with current boyfriend John

Her father Abel Amunga was also invited to the show to celebrate the recent Father’s Day and recalled what happened on that faithful day.

He says, “I got angry and ordered Ruth to pack up her things. I literally took her to her boyfriend’s place, and asked his family to take her in. The man was still living with his parents. So, I told them: ‘Chukueni bibi, ndiyo huyo nimewaletea!”

On the Singers’ part she has always on whatever he father commanded to her in which she obeyed to the letter.

She states that, “When my dad tells me not to proceed with a relationship, I won’t proceed with it. When he tells me to run and never look back, I do exactly that.”