A Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kisumu on spot again


Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kisumu is once again on the spotlight after a patient who gave birth at the facility accused medics of stitching up cotton wool in her womb. Irene Oluoch who delivered twins through a caesarian section. An ultra sound test conducted on her, a month after she was discharged from the hospital, revealed the presence of a foreign object in her body.

Breathing difficulties, Swollen Body and  pain are the complications experienced by the 25 year old Woman after her operation done a month ago. It has been seven(7) months since the incident happen and she is yet to get any help from the Hospital as her health continues to deteriorate.

“When my body began to swell, i was unable t go on a short call so the  hospital gave me medicine so as the water in my body would reduce. On my second visit to check showed that  the water level had changed. But I got other complications like difficult breathing, i could not sleep. They have been changing the drugs and i believe when they remove the cotton in my womb all this pains will end but it seems like the hospital is not planning to operate on me anytime soon “.

The mother of four how used to sale second-hand clothes to help her husband from his over night job is now immobilize. She is now pleading with the public to help her and remove the object from her womb so as she can have her life back.

The Hospital Director ask the family of the patient to report to his office as soon as possible so as the source the issue. Just a month down the line the same hospital is reported to have one of its doctors demanding an outrageous sum of money from a parent od a defiled girl.