The Millionairre House Girl Scandal

House Girl doing her work.

The house girl is alleged to be an owner of a high-end cigarette consignment amounting to 196 million sticks (KRA) officials. They confiscated 40-foot containers with the consignment at the Nairobi Inland Container Depot for duty evasion.
The number of sticks can count to at least five sticks for every Kenyan including children, the containers are part of a Sh 1.2 billion goods confiscated by investigators in the ongoing crackdown on contraband commodities. Report indicate that the house girl who is still at large is likely a proxy for tax evasion cartels in the country, who has been costing the country billions of money over illegal trade practices.
According to Sunday Nation the house girl with her international partners under the company name Quality GS Limited brought in the consignments in 44 containers while another five were shopped under Xplico Insurance Company Limited, a Nairobi-based firm with local and foreign directors.
The detectives believe the house girl may turn out to be a conduit used in the illicit trade just like similar proxies have been used in the multi-billion shilling National Youth Service scandals, where a hairdresser turned out to be a key player in the transfer of millions, in gunny bags.
KRA had trouble in even getting information from the shipping line before the importers where revealed. The investigation was first centered on the global shipping firm Maersk Line Kenya Limited to unravel the consignment owners who are said to have used various tricks to conceal their identity and give investigators a hard time to track them.
“It may not have been easy burning that volume of cigarette because it will turn every one in the city a smoker. We are still pursuing the young woman but going by what we have seen so far, she may be the Kabura of there tax evaders,” a source involved in the investigations said, requesting anonymity.