Versity Student Shot and Injured by President Security

Kenyan State House in Nairobi.

A university student has been shot and injured after he stormed State House, Nairobi.

Brian Kibet Beta made his plan public on social media platform Facebook. On Monday 10 June, he made true his threat. Security officers shot and injured the intruder after he jumped over the fence and brandished a knife when he was asked to surrender. Fifth-year Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Brian Kibet Bera was shot and injured on the left shoulder by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s guards after he had accessed his official residence. It is not clear if the President was within State House precincts or his nearby residence at the time of the security breach at about 4.30pm.

But officials said the president and his family were briefed about the shooting later on. Kibet had apparently climbed over Gate B at the fortified compound and started walking towards the main residence when the General Service Unit officers on duty noticed him. According to police, he was shot after he brandished a knife when the GSU officers ordered him to surrender. The gunshots raised alarm within State House with those on duty ordered to be on alert and standby. After he was subdued, police said they recovered the knife and his identification documents that showed he is a student. Kibet has been threatening to attack State House. His last post on Facebook was on Sunday night when he threatened to attack the place.

“Tomorrow I attack State House,” read part of his posts on Sunday. Kibet comes from Mt Elgon and his Facebook posts indicate he is fighting for what he terms as land injustice in the area. Kibet, a former Nairobi School student, has been posting a series of posts on Facebook. He was taken to hospital where he is admitted in stable condition. State House said the issue is under police investigation. In March 2017, the guards at State House shot and killed a man who was found within the compound. The man’s body lay unclaimed at the City Mortuary for almost four months. It is not clear if it was claimed.