I will knock you out at Crown Jewel – Tyson Fury tells Braun Strowman


British boxer Tyson Fury has vowed to knock out Braun Strowman when the two giants go head-to-head at the Crown Jewel main event in Saudi Arabia on October 31.

Appearing on Monday night WWE Raw, the 31-year-old Fury who is known for his athleticism promised that he fully intends to knock out the ‘Monster Among Men’ at the event.

“Braun you say you know a lot about me. So let get one thing clear, I bring out my own element in any ring. And you know the best thing about it is that I’m going to prove that at the Crown Jewel when the heavyweight champion of the world steps into your ring. You’re going to look at your back because I am going to knock you out,” said Fury.

On the other hand, Strowman vowed to fight back and teach Furry a lesson.

“In Saudi Arabia, you are stepping into my world. I am going to pick you up and slam you in the middle of that ring and give you your first loss ever,” said Strowman.

“The fun thing is, there is nothing you are going about it because on October 31st you’re going to “Get These Hands,” he added.

The two confronted each other when Strowman mocked Fury on Friday Night SmackDown.

Fury becomes the third boxer after Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather to have appeared in a WWE ring.