Women Empowerment Kenya Donates Food To The Vulnerable Families in Kibera,Mlolongo and Athi River


The Vulnerable Families in Kibera,Mlolongo and Athi River have every reason to smile as they plunge to the long Christmas festivities after receiving food donations from well wishers through Women Empowerment Kenya.

Grain industries Limited that produces Ajab baking flour and Super loaf companies donated several bails of flour and bread to the vulnerable children and mothers of Kibera, Mlolongo and Athi River courtesy of the Women Empowerment Kenya.

Truphena Moraa who is a politician and the leader of Women Empowerment Kenya thanked the two giant firms for their timely donation that came when Kenyan’s are preparing for the long Christmas festivities and also fighting difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic

The two firms started donating their food stuffs in Kibera before proceeding to Mlolongo and Athi River where they were received by cordinator’s Hanna Mwangi(Kibera),Teresia Kaindi(Mlolongo) and Joyce Kanavi at Athi River on behalf of Women Empowerment Kenya.

Moraa said “On behalf of Women Empowerment Kenya,I wish to thank the two companies for their wonderful gesture in supporting the vulnerable children and mentally challenged mothers especially during this time of the dreaded pandemic.We are truly delighted and we do appeal to other companies to come forward and support the less fortunate as part of celebrating Christmas and the New year festivities.God bless Ajab,God bless Supaloaf “Observed Moraa.

Addressing the media in Kibera after receiving the food stuffs, Hanna Mwangi on behalf of Women Empowerment Kenya lauded the two companies describing the donation as a huge blessing, memorable gesture and historic occasion to Kibera residents especially to the vulnerable children and mothers.

“This are hard times and when somebody gives you whatever kind of donation or food stuff, you must be grateful.We received 300 bread and five bales of Umi brand wheat flour which we are indeed grateful “noted Mama Hannah.

Teresa Kaindi from Mlolongo likewise lauded the two organization for their kind donation.
’These children can only enjoy better lives and pursue their dreams if we intervene and rescue them.By giving them love and food stuffs like the one we have received,it renews their hope in life and reduce the rate of drug abuse,rate of crime and also create unity.When street children are rescued and educated,they become dependable people in the society “ noted Kaindi.

Joyce Kanavi from Athi River was all smiles after receiving the food stuff on behalf of the Women Empowerment Kenya.

“It’s important to all Kenyans who are blessed with wealth to help the neglected children in the street because they are the future leaders in our country.So let us all be united and rehabiliate them so that they can feel appreciated.”Kanavi noted.