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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Tickets


The opening FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ ticket application phase will launch today, 19 January 2022, with ticket products and packages set to attract fans from the region and across the globe to a special celebration of the beautiful game.

With a range of enticing options available in this opening phase, fans worldwide have a chance to secure their seats so they do not miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“This is a FIFA World Cup for Qatar, the region and the world, and the products launched today reflect FIFA’s goal of bringing the beautiful game to as many fans globally as possible,” said FIFA’s Secretary General, Fatma Samoura. “It will be a festival of football that will see fans experience the rich culture and history of the region through the platform of football at top-class stadiums and we look forward to bringing people from different cultures together to live football at the FIFA World Cup.”

“The first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East and Arab world will be an extraordinary event and together with our partners, rights holders and other stakeholders, Qatar cannot wait to bring fans together to celebrate their shared passion for football, experience a new culture and enjoy everything that our country and region have to offer,” said Nasser Al Khater, the CEO of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC.

During this first sales period, which starts at 13:00 Doha time today and finishes on 8 February 2022 at 13:00 Doha time, fans will be able to submit their ticket applications. In this initial promotion, it will make no difference whether applications are submitted on the first day, the last day or any time in between, as all tickets will be allocated following the closing of the ticket application period. In cases where the number of tickets applied for exceeds the available ticket inventory for the domestic or international market, tickets will be allocated by a random selection draw process. All successful, partially successful and unsuccessful applicants will be duly notified of the outcome of their applications by Tuesday, 8 March 2022, along with the steps to follow and the deadline by which to pay for allocated tickets.

In line with FIFA’s ticketing policy at the 2010, 2014 and 2018 editions of the FIFA World Cup™, residents of the host country will exclusively benefit from a special price category, category 4, with prices starting from just QAR 40 each.

Visa payment cards are the exclusive payment method accepted for residents of Qatar, while Visa payment cards and other accepted payment cards are accepted for international fans. Visa is the preferred payment solution of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

In this opening random selection draw sales period, fans can apply for the following ticket products:

  • Individual Match Ticket(s)
    Tickets for a specific match, which are available for all matches from the opening game through to the final
  • Team-Specific Ticket Series
    For those who want to watch a certain team on every step of their journey in Qatar, starting with the three group matches
  • Four-Stadium Ticket Series
    FIFA’s new ticketing product provides fans with a unique opportunity to sample the atmosphere across four different matches and iconic stadiums on subsequent days, thanks to the short distances within Qatar
  • Accessibility Tickets
    Providing tailored facilities and spaces for disabled people and people with limited mobility covering a range of requirements as part of any of the products above

Prior to the Final Draw for the FIFA World Cup on Friday, 1 April 2022, it is foreseen that fans will have a second opportunity to secure tickets during a first-come, first-served sales phase, the precise details of which will follow in due course.

Further sales phases will take place after the Final Draw and will feature additional products, including:

  • Supporter Tickets
    For fans who want to sit among their team’s fellow supporters
  • Conditional Supporter Tickets
    For supporters who want to reserve a seat for one of their team’s potential encounters in the knockout rounds, including the final

Given the short distances between stadiums, Qatar 2022™ will offer fans a unique opportunity of attending more than one match per day during the early stages of the tournament. Ticket applicants will be able to register for more than one match per day during the ticket sales phase that will follow the Final Draw. Given the need to allow sufficient travel time between stadiums, fans will not be able to attend back-to-back matches.

To allow attendees to take full advantage of the compact nature of Qatar 2022, FIFA has softened the household limits from previous FIFA World Cups – now, each household can buy up to six tickets per match and up to 60 tickets throughout the tournament to enjoy the matches with their friends and family.

Hay’ya Card (Fan ID)

A Hay’ya Card is needed to enter the State of Qatar, to access stadiums (along with a match ticket), and to enjoy free matchday travel alongside other benefits.

COVID-19 measures

FIFA and the State of Qatar are committed to putting health first. The State of Qatar will provide the required safeguards to protect the health and safety of all involved in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. All attendees must follow the travel advice from the Qatari authorities and the latest guidance from Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health. Full information on COVID-19 safety measures will be communicated in advance of the tournament.

Visit to submit a ticket application and the FAQs section for more information about the products, packages and price categories.



Equity has introduced an enhanced centralized digital payment solution for merchants through One Equity Till Number. The solution, a first in the Kenyan market, has an interoperability feature that enables merchants to receive payments from multiple payment channels or mobile wallets through a single till number. Merchants can receive payments from customers using Mpesa, Airtel Money, PesaLink, Equitel and Equity Mobile using One Equity Till Number without having to subscribe for multiple Paybill/ Till numbers for their businesses.

The One Equity Till Number platform will make it easy and convenient for merchants, both small and large business, to collect all their payments directly into their bank account without having to do several transfers from mobile wallets to bank account, since there is no limit to the amount of money a merchant can receive. Moreover, the merchant can access the money instantly at no charge. The centralised collection account will in turn improve their credit score thus enabling merchants to access higher credit facilities from the bank to enable them to expand their businesses.

The One Equity Till Number will support micro, small and medium enterprises around the country to conduct their business conveniently. Businesses will now be able to get the most out of their activities by devoting their time to their clients as the Equity solution simplifies their operational needs from a payment standpoint. One Equity Till Number is simple and interoperable making it very inclusive and in tune with the needs of many businesses.

Further, merchants/ businesses will enjoy great benefits from the service as it provides instant onboarding and ease of reconciliation. The service will offer freedom and convenience to customers who will now have a simple and instant payment solution irrespective of the mobile payment channel used. The service will also include QR code payments for customers wishing to scan-to-pay from their payment channels including Equity Mobile App, M-VISA, Masterpass QR and UnionPay.

Currently, the Kenyan market is adapting to changes in the digital payments landscape as it moves to a cashless society. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Equity waived all mobile banking charges to encourage customers to embrace cashless payment solutions.

Equity continues to make inroads in its innovation and digitization strategy that has seen its mobile and internet banking channels process 86.8% of all transactions as Q3 2021. Currently, 98% of all its transactions take place outside the branch, solidifying the Group’s position as a digital financial service provider. 



Our attention has been drawn to a statement by UDA regarding events at their botched rally in Nairobi on Sunday.
In the past two weeks, the national conversation has remained centred around the UDA brigade’s warning to everyone they call “madodadoa” to leave the Rift Valley, or face the consequences of making a free choice at the ballot. 
We don’t need reminding that the last time that happened, lives were lost, and the Kiambaa Church tragedy will always remain a sad monument of this dark history. 
Around the same time, Kenyans watched the demeanour of UDA allied MPs during the special sittings of Parliament, and noticed their anger and unhinged emotions, a worrying sign of their inability to take defeat with dignity. 
Because the focus has shone on them for their reckless talk and conduct, UDA and its warmonger leader have been desperate for ways to deflect attention from the madoadoa grave they dug themselves into.
They have been craving any remote chance to besmirch the names of President Uhuru, Rt Hon Odinga and CS Matiangi, in a desperate attempt to draw false parallels and hand us the violence skunk they are breeding. We want the violence network in UDA to know that ODM will not carry your madoadoa burden.
The whole country is aware that the Deputy President’s philosophy of handouts and payment to youths to attend his rallies has boomeranged on him many times, when aggrieved youths demand their share of the loot and disrupt his rallies. It happened in Kondele, Kieni and there is every reason to believe that is exactly what happened at Jacaranda too.
Members of the ODM party already have a massive catalogue of events lined up, and would not be interested in attending the DP’s lie festivals.
May it go on record that the Rt Hon Odinga has indicated that he is running to create ONE indivisible country, a far cry from the DP’s tribal and class wars mentality. As we have stated before, the DP is his own worst enemy and must look in the mirror whenever he wants an explanation as to why his political fortunes continue to dwindle.
This country has had enough of Ruto and UDA’s divisive rhetoric and will not fall for it. 
ODM declines the invitation to be blamed for seeds of discord sown by the corruption lords who have panicked at the prospect of a Raila Presidency, which many more Kenyans of goodwill, having realised what the UDA brigade is really about, have embraced.
We welcome the call for the Police, DCI and all other investigative to conduct a thorough probe into the events at Jacaranda and have no doubt that the same conclusions as were drawn in Kondele, the fake assassination claims and fake abductions will be reached. 
Edwin Sifuna,

Secretary General 


Coca-Cola Launches JAMII: its New Sustainability Platform in Africa


Coca-Cola Africa Operating Unit (“AOU”) and its bottling partners announced the launch of JAMII, the new Africa-focused sustainability platform. The platform houses the Company’s existing and new sustainability initiatives. Through this signature platform, Coca-Cola hopes to attract like-minded partners to help accelerate on-the-ground impact of its initiatives.

The new platform will build and expand on the past accomplishments in three areas; water stewardship, the economic empowerment of women and youth and waste management. This will be delivered together with bottling partners, system employees, and several NGO partners.

We recognize the responsibility we have as market leaders to make a meaningful difference – to empower and protect the communities and the environment in which we operate. Whether it is giving people access to safe drinking water, creating economic opportunities for people in dire need of it, or reducing the impact of our operations on the environment- we are committed to making that difference,” said Bruno Pietracci, Africa President at The Coca-Cola Company.

Patricia Obozuwa, AOU Vice President for Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability added; “We chose the name JAMII, a Swahili word that means Community, Society, People – because it represents who we are as Africans and aligns with our values as an organization- our resilience, our commitment, and our spirit of community. Consolidating our sustainability efforts under this umbrella will allow us to strengthen our value proposition and make good on our promise to continue to be a trusted partner for sustainable growth in Africa.

In the area of women and youth economic empowerment, JAMII will promote and stimulate entrepreneurship opportunities through the provision of improved access to skills training, networks, finance & markets. To date, over 2 million women across Africa have been economically enabled as part of the 5by20 program. 

In the area of water stewardship, we will replenish 100% of the water used in production of our products by managing water use efficiency in our operations, supporting the conservation of natural water resources and improving community water access and climate change adaption. So far, combined efforts by Coca-Cola Africa, The Coca-Cola Foundation and its partners have resulted in sustainable access to drinking water for over 6 million people through the Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN). 

For waste management, Coca-Cola Africa is committed to driving a world without waste. Nearly all of Coca-Cola’s packaging is already recyclable with the goal of recycling the equivalent of 100% of its packaging waste by 2030.

Obozuwa added that “Coca-Cola Africa is already forming new partnerships to facilitate the implementation of JAMII projects that will deliver on these goals.” 

Internally, JAMII will inspire employees to make a difference in their immediate communities. Employee-nominated charities will receive grants and employee volunteering will be encouraged. Also, The Coca-Cola Employee Disaster Relief Fund will support employees facing financial hardship as a result of a natural disaster.

Equity Now offers One-Day Settlement for PayPal Withdrawals

Photo:Gerald Warui, Equity Bank Kenya Managing Director at a previous event. Equity Bank has announced a reduction in the duration it takes to settle PayPal withdrawals from 3 Business days to just 24 hours or one business day, a development that allows Equity to offer the fastest PayPal settlement period in the country.

Equity Bank has announced a reduction in the duration it takes to settle PayPal withdrawals from 3 Business days to just 24 hours or one business day, a development that allows Equity to offer the fastest PayPal settlement period in the country enhancing efficiency for the increasing number of Kenyans who receive payment through the international payment solutions provider.

Equity Bank, which currently offers the only bank withdrawal service in the country, enables PayPal account holders to withdraw funds paid from their registered PayPal accounts straight to their Equity Bank accounts in either KES or USD, excluding credit card accounts.

Commenting on the new development, Equity Bank Kenya Managing Director Gerald Warui said, “The reduction in the settlement period is of great significance as the country moves towards growing the uptake of e-commerce. COVID-19 has forced many MSMEs to adopt a digital operating model including the adoption of cash lite payment models such as direct payments into their Equity accounts through PayPal. The reduced settlement period will allow businesses to effectively receive payments enabling them to manage their cash flows and accelerating the growth of their businesses.”

For new users looking to use the withdrawal service, once they have successfully created and verified their PayPal accounts, they will sign up on the Equity Bank website through the link here .This is a straight forward process that will enable customers to withdraw PayPal account balances into their Equity accounts.

Speaking on behalf of PayPal, Tahir Emrah Tuzun, PayPal Head of Sales and Market Development Middle East and Africa said, “As PayPal, we are happy to enhance our relationship with Equity for the better good of our customers. Whether you are an individual or a business, PayPal will enable you to get paid from over 200 countries and markets. PayPal account holders can now easily access their balances by withdrawing to their Equity Bank account. The significant reduction in settlement time simply means quicker access to funds for businesses reinforcing our commitment to supporting the growth of local MSMEs.

Freelance writers, Kenyans with families abroad, those in the creative industry and MSMEs involved in cross border trade among others are expected to benefit from this service with both PayPal and Equity charging minimal processing fees.

The reduction in PayPal’s settlement period complements Equity’s digital banking solutions aimed at increasing customers’ ease of accessing and managing their accounts through platforms such as *247#, Equity Mobile, Equity Online and Equitel lines.

Give support to private schools, government told


Kenya National Private Schools Association Chairman Charles Ochome has called upon the National Government to extend resources to the private schools.

Ochome says the government should develop policies that cuts across to aid both private and public schools.
He says private schools needs resources too from the national Government since there are no public or private child in the country.

He says currently, public schools are overstretched and only funding to private schools by the national Government will help equip and bridge the gap in learning facilities.

Speaking during a Thanksgiving ceremony in Kisumu, attended by the new association officials, Ochome promised to ensure he steered the association to greater heights.

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o who attended the event says private schools play a pivotal role in education matters in the country.

Nyong’o says they compliment what the National Government can’t be able to offer. 
He says the population receiving education in the private sector is huge and they must be included in the policy formulation.

Nyong’o says it is important for the National Government to support private schools where need be.

By Joseph Ojwang

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State Of Learning Amid Covid 19 Pandemic


Tender Care Managing Director Mr. Evanson Kahoro praises the government for the introduction of CBC citing that it will ensure learners are well equipped with skills that fit their areas of interest in future.

He added that the system incorporates a way where both teachers and parents are able to work together in the education of learners unlike before where parents had left the burden of educating their children to teachers which was much tiresome for a teacher to track the activities of a learner when he/she is at home.

“we should not force all kids to excel in academics but what the CBC has brought is the inclusivity of natural talents such as sports. In the initial stages of CBC there is alot of trial and error and might seem expensive to parents but on the overall it is the best way to go.” He said

Further the director has asked Tax Stakeholders to Review school transport policies which are almost the same as public transport policies.
He argued that public transport is meant to make money and therefore the industry is able to pay the levies imposed by the taxman unlike school transport which is not a business but a system to ensure learning runs appropriately.

Following the governments idea to reintroduce corporal punishment due to indscipline cases Mr. Kahoro has highly advised that discipline is a very delicate matter that should be addressed properly and it needs to start with the teachers themselves.

The school went ahead to impose strict guidelines as required by the ministry of health (MOH) where visitors are required to well sanitize and measure their temperature levels before accessing the school facility and they also installed water points where learners can wash their hands from time to time a move that has seen the school record zero covid-19 cases.

Tender Care is a network of schools that provide an environment where each child can realise his or her potential and this is best achieved within the context of a caring and supportive community.

Over 30,000 children enrolled in USAID project in Kisumu

Photo:LolweTv//Make Me Smile is part of the implementing team for the USAID 4TheChild program

Make Me Smile Kenya, a Non Governmental Organization working in Kisumu County is part of the implementing agency in the Sh. 3.8 billion program by USAID 4TheChild targeting orphans and vulnerable children in five counties in Western Kenya.  

The Make Me Smile Director Simeon Peter says they will be working with the communities in the county targeting 34,000 children.

Peter says they will also support girls and young women under the Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored and Safe (DREAMS) program.

He says they will roll out the program with an aim of giving skills on savings to the women under the five year project.

Speaking in Kisumu during the signing of a partnership between USAID 4TheChild and Post Bank, Peter says social services for the children under the program will be given first priority.

He further noted that girls under the DREAMS project will go through training on how to deter them from early pregnancies.

Peter says most adolescents’ girls are exposed to getting HIV and AIDS and the training will give them life skills to prevent them from getting diseases.

By Joseph Ojwang 

Program targeting orphans and vulnerable children

Photo:LolweTv//USAID 4TheChild and Post Bank sign partnership

The USAID 4The Child program has signed a five years partnership with Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (Postbank) to the tune of Sh. 3.8 billion.

Chief of Party of the USAID-funded AMPATHPlus Prof Sylvester Kimaiyo says the project that is running from March 2021 for five years will target the counties of Bungoma, Kisumu, Kakamega, Siaya and Busia.

Prof Kimaiyo says the program aims to reach over 152,000 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in households affected by HIV and AIDS in the targeted counties.

Speaking in Kisumu during the signing of the partnership, Prof Kimaiyo says the program will be run by Moi University while working with other implementing agencies with a goal to improve the well-being of the children.

The program will ensure that the children under their care can gain access to quality county-led social services including health, nutrition, education, legal protection and psychological support.

Post Bank Managing Director Raphael Lekolool says they are ready to offer the financial support needed to run the program.

Lekolool says the bank staff will offer the necessary financial education to the families that will be directly linked to the program.

By Joseph Ojwang



Prudential Africa has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to become the official insurance partner of the 33rd edition of Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2021.

At a press conference to announce the sponsorship, Eric Mboma, Chief Representative Officer, Prudential Northern Africa Region said the sponsorship underscores Prudential’s commitment to the African continent.

“As we grow our business in Africa, we also want to support the passion and talent of its people. Africans share a common love for football and we are honored to be part of a tournament that unites the continent and brings together the brightest talents of African football.”

Commenting on the partnership, Confederation of African Football (CAF) General Secretary Mr. Véron Mosengo-Omba said, “We are excited and pleased to have on board Prudential as a partner. We share a common purpose in our commitment to developing local talent as well as driving prosperity for the people of Africa.”

Mr. Mboma added, “Through sports, Prudential wants to encourage people to stay active and lead more healthy lifestyles. As a life insurer, we believe that health and wellness are important for people to live fulfilling lives.”

AFCON 2021 has already started and will continue till 6 February 2022 with Cameroon as the host nation.

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