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Raila mourns Kenneth Matiba

NASA leader Raila Odinga, Senate minority leader James Orengo when they visited Matiba.
NASA leader Raila Odinga has sent a condolence message to the family of the late former Minister Kenneth Matiba, who passed on at Karen Hospital, Nairobi on April 15, 2018.
Read Raila’s full statement below;
Mama Ida and I have learnt with deep shock of the passing of second liberation hero Hon. Kenneth Matiba.
Our country has lost one of the last living symbols of the pains our people have had to bear in order to get where we are.
It is hardly where we intended or ought to be, but certainly better than where we were at this time over 20 years ago, thanks to the sacrifices of Hon. Matiba and his team.
As a family, we have a very special bond with Hon. Kenneth Matiba and his family; one sealed by a shared vision and the scars of our shared struggles.
We pass deeply felt condolences to his Widow Edith and the family. We intend to speak more comprehensively about Hon. Matiba in the next few days.
May God grant strength to the family at this lonely and trying moment.

President Uhuru mourns former Minister Kenneth Matiba

President Uhuru Kenyatta giving a statement following the demise of former Minister Kenneth Matiba at State House, Nairobi on April 15, 2018. Photo: PSCU
President Uhuru Kenyatta has sent a message of condolence to the family of the late former Cabinet Minister Kenneth Matiba, who died on Sunday April 15, 2018.
Read President Kenyatta’s full statement;
It is with a heavy heart and a deep sense of loss that Margaret and I send Mrs Edith Matiba and her family this message of condolence and encouragement following the death of Mzee Kenneth Matiba.
Mzee Matiba was a true patriot who loved this nation of Kenya, a nationalist who believed in hard work and building strong bonds of friendship for the betterment of all.
Mzee Matiba was among the first sons of Kenya who formed the team that began to lay the foundation of our great Nation. He played a key role as a teacher in Kangaru High School in 1960; then in 1961 through 1962 as an officer for higher education; and later in 1963 as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Co-operatives.
He also served as Minister for Transport and Communications, Minister for Health and Minister for Culture and Social Services. He was also among the pioneering Kenyan entrepreneurs with diverse interests being involved in a number of companies such as the East African Breweries Ltd and in the hotel and tourism industry.
On the political front, he was at the forefront in shaping the political landscape of this Country. His call for multiparty democracy and his rallying cry of “Forward Ever, Backward Never” helped transform our Country.
With the passing of Mzee Matiba, the cruel hand of death has robbed us of a devoted leader and mentor who was a role model to many. Indeed, he served the country with distinction.
His accomplishments clearly demonstrate that focus, diligence and determination pays. Those who knew him, benefited immensely from his selfless leadership and wisdom.
As we mourn the death of Mzee Matiba, be encouraged that our prayers, and those of all Kenyans, will give you and your family the strength and fortitude. We are privileged that he lived amongst us and thank God for the time we shared with him.

President Uhuru to visit United Kingdom

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.
President Uhuru Kenyatta will Monday travel to Londo, United Kingdom, where he will continue to focus his agenda on entrenching Kenya’s place in global diplomacy, as well as showcasing our country as an attractive investment destination.
The first and second days of the visit are devoted entirely to Kenyan and regional issues, while the third and fourth day will be devoted to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), which brings together the 53 members of the Commonwealth spanning literally the whole world, from the biggest democracies to the smallest, and from some of the wealthiest nations to some of the poorest.
On Tuesday, the President will visit the London Stock exchange for a meeting with investors, using the event to share areas of investment opportunity in terms of his Big Four agenda as well as job creation.
He will also deliver an address at Chatham House, the shrine for policy and investment thinkers in London. His speech will dwell on Kenya’s efforts in achieving inclusive growth, the positive role Kenya is playing in supporting regional peace, and its station in a globalising world.
This event is essentially a platform for the President to share his view on a range of areas as a Kenyan leader, as a Pan-Africanist, and as one of the people closely involved in seeking and securing peace in our region–in South Sudan, in Somalia, and are also addressing the matter about which he cares deeply such as regional integration. He will also obviously speak to his Big Four development agenda, which is at the heart of his drive for inclusive growth.
On Wednesday, the President will spend time dealing with East African and African investment issues, and seeking to drive greater foreign direct investment into our country, and into our region
On Thursday and Friday, the President will attend the summit of the Commonwealth. Trade, diplomacy, security and regional development are the priorities for these meetings, and the President will also use that to deepen bilateral relations with a number of heads who he will likely meet on one-on-ones or in the margins of the Commonwealth summit
The President is also due to hold discussions with British Prime Minister Theresa May also centered on trade, investment, security, and bilateral relations between Kenya and the United Kingdom.
The President will also discuss Blue Economy issues, first at a conference that he has been to by PM May, and also as part of the Commonwealth agenda.

Singer Arielle Alexa


Arielle Cowie aka Arielle Alexa was born in Trinidad and has been
performing ever since. Her song “Drop” was released in 2017. It was
produced by System 32 and Jay Nahge features on it.

She wanted to do something that had a really dark r&b vibe and that was laid back and sexy. She is currently working on some great music with a fantastic team out of Trinidad and Jamaica! She has some fire dancehall tracks releasing soon so she’s really excited.

She has always wanted to do dancehall music so when she started working it just came naturally.  Dancehall, soca, reggae all of that is in her blood, it’s her culture so she will always fuse a piece of the Caribbean into everything that she does.She knew she wanted to be a singer from a young age. It was all that she could dream of.

Every single day she would picture herself performing her music on a huge stage to sold out crowds and she would pray and pray that one day it would come true. She still does and knows she’s headed in the right direction though  and she’s truly blessed to be working with a team that has the same vision and goals as her.

She loves that a lot of the music in East Africa is influenced by dancehall and she sees the ladies representing!!! Naira Ali and Vinka are dope. If she didn’t know any better,she would think that a lot of the artists were from Jamaica. Music is always evolving so it’s really refreshing to discover new sounds and blends that she’s never heard before. East African music is so rich and diverse. There isn’t just one sound and she think that’s amazing.

She can see that artists aren’t afraid to be different and step out of the norm.Because the sounds are so alike,she doesn’t see a major difference in the audience in East Africa versus that of Trinidad and Jamaica. Soca is extremely popular in Trinidad.

It is the main genre of music and is always evolving. Over the past couple
of years, producers have started blending afro beats into their songs and
they have been hits. Aside from Soca, dancehall and reggae are huge in
Trinidad. If Soca isn’t playing on the radio then it’s dancehall or reggae.

2018 is her breakout year for sure since she will be releasing her
dancehall tracks and will be working on a lot of new music and new
sounds!! She would love to work with East African artists and
producers, because as she said before the music is so similar.

President Uhuru launches Shs 4b NHIF cover for students in public secondary schools

President Uhuru Kenyatta, his Deputy William Ruto and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta at this year’s Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festival, which took place at the State House, Nairobi. Photo: PSCU
–Government to pay a premium of Kshs 1350 per student for 3 million students
–The medical cover set to kick off beginning next term
–President directs health facilities that serve students to be upgraded to the level of NHIF accreditation
President Uhuru Kenyatta launched a Kshs 4.05 billion National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) comprehensive medical cover that will cater for all students in public secondary schools.
Through the NHIF cover, the Government will pay a premium of Kshs 1,350 per student for the 3 million students in public secondary schools as part of the efforts to fulfil one pillar of the Big Four Agenda – provision of affordable health care to all.
Speaking during the launch at State House, Nairobi on April 13, President Kenyatta said the negotiated comprehensive cover is unique as it only caters for the specific students, rather than the usual one that caters for families.
“This will ensure that our students access quality health services and thereby easing the burden from their parents and guardians,” President Kenyatta said, adding that the initiative is expected to have a phenomenal impact in the transformation of the nation.
President Kenyatta directed NHIF and the Ministry of Education to be keen on ensuring that no money is lost through corruption as the scheme is implemented.
The launch came after the final gala of this year’s Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festival where winners presented their award winning pieces that included solo verses, cultural and modern dances, oral narratives and feature plays at the State House Concert.
The event was also graced by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto and Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko among other stakeholders.
Great moral lessons, creativity, messages of wisdom and entertainment underlined the eight-day long festivals that were held at Lenana, State House Girls, Dagoretti High and Moi Girls Schools in Nairobi culminating in the State House winners’ concert.
President Kenyatta directed the Ministry of Health to ensure health facilities that serve students are upgraded to the level of NHIF accreditation.
“Since students are expected to be in school most of the time, the provider must ensure that they access medical services close to school,” the Head of State said.
The President also directed NHIF to move with speed and register all learners to enable them access services when schools open for the second term.
He emphasised the importance of accurate data to ensure the health cover for students is realized, saying the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) – which has registered great success even before its formal launch – is addressing the issue.
The comprehensive cover for the students has been negotiated between the Ministry of Education and NHIF, taking into account the uniqueness of the population to be insured.
President Kenyatta expressed optimism that the launch of the health insurance cover for students will encourage parents and guardians who are not members of NHIF to also enrol.
President Kenyatta said Kenya aims at achieving Universal Health Care (UHC) by 2022.
The Head of State affirmed that the Government’s policy on education is aimed at enhancing access, equity and quality at all levels.
“This is guided by the Constitution that provides for basic education as one of the fundamental rights of every Kenyan child. The Government, therefore, endeavours to observe, respect, promote and fulfil these rights,” the President said.
The President commended young people for preaching cohesion and national integration.
President Kenyatta applauded the youth for strongly demonstrating that Kenyans stood to gain more when united and patriotic than when they were divided.
He said every citizen has a role to play for the country to realize the peace, tranquillity and prosperity, which they aspire to have as a nation.
“We have been shown by our learners that no matter how bad a situation may seem, there is hope,” said President Kenyatta.
This year’s top performers included Thika School for the Visually Impaired, Kenyatta University, St. Anne’s, Liganwa Primary School, Matuga Girls and Eregi Teachers Training College.
The theme of this year’s festival was “Enhancing National Integration and Cohesion’’.
The President emphasized on the need for Kenyans to work together in unity so as to enable the country to achieve its desired goal of a prosperous and industrial nation.
“Working together in unity, I have no doubt we will move this nation to join the league of prosperous and industrial nations much sooner than later,” said President Kenyatta.
He said his Administration is committed to providing young people with opportunities to develop their talents and be self-reliant by investing in arts.
Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed said the launch of the medical cover was a culmination of extensive consultations between NHIF, and the Ministries of Health and Education.
She said the medical fee factored in the budgeted school capitation will be used to cover the medical insurance for the students.

President Uhuru holds talks with His Highness the Aga Khan

President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta welcoming His Highness the Aga Khan at State House, Nairobi on April 13, 2017. Photo: PSCU
President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday held talks with His Highness the Aga Khan, the 49th hereditary and current Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims, at State House, Nairobi.
His Highness the Aga Khan was in Kenya from 12th to 14th April 2018 to commemorate his Diamond Jubilee. President Kenyatta congratulated His Highness the Aga Khan on this diamond Jubilee celebration.
The Ismaili community has, and continues to be, a part of the Kenyan history with investments and development to Kenya spanning over 100 years. Under the leadership of His Highness the Agha Khan, a number of institutions have been established that have made significant contribution to Kenyan development, and achievement of Kenya abroad.
In this regard, the Friday’s discussion touched on various sectors of engagement and investment by the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) in Kenya including Media, Economic, Tourism, Cultural, Health and Education sectors.
The President commended the commitment of His Highness the Aga Khan to strengthening Kenya’s higher education system, including through major investment in the expansion of the Aga Khan University campus in Nairobi.
The discussion also focused on the Government’s Big Four priorities and shared objectives in this regard. They agreed that the AKDN will continue to contribute towards addressing current national development priorities.
They also discussed enhancing the quality of life of Nairobi residents by increasing the green spaces in the city through a project to restore Nairobi City Park to its original glory as the “Green Jewel of Nairobi” as quickly as the enabling conditions and instruments to conclude this partnership can be achieved.
Both sides expressed satisfaction with the achievements of the visit by His Highness the Aga Khan to Kenya to commemorate the diamond Jubilee (60) years and agreed to work on the modalities for concluding outstanding issues.

President Uhuru meets ACP-EU legislators.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with a delegation of ACP-EU led by Mr Joseph Owona Kono, the President of the ACP Parliamentary Assembly who doubles as the Co-President of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly and Michele Rivasi, a Co-President of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly at State House, Nairobi on April 12, 2018.
President Uhuru Kenyatta has emphasized the need for the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of countries to be accorded increased access to the European Union (EU) market.
The President said such arrangements like the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) should recognise each country’s level of development so that no country feels disadvantaged.
President Kenyatta observed that the ACP countries were at different levels of development and can only reap maximum benefit from the EPAs if their individual levels of economic development are taken into consideration.
The President spoke on Thursday at State House, Nairobi, when he met a delegation of ACP-EU led by Mr Joseph Owona Kono, the President of the ACP Parliamentary Assembly who doubles as the Co-President of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly and Michele Rivasi, a Co-President of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly.
The President said Kenya is pushing for Africa to forge a more integrated approach that will give the continent a stronger voice in its negotiations with organizations like the EU while at the same time taking cognisance of each country’s level of economic development.
President Kenyatta pointed out that Africa should negotiate as a continent and not as a region but cautioned against actions that undermine integration.
He expressed the need to develop a flexible mechanism that would allow member states that are ready to take up EPAs to do so even as others address their individual concerns.
Speaking during discussions on the East Africa Community-European Economic Partnership Agreements in Kampala in February, President Kenyatta said member states should take actions that would ensure no member country is affected negatively by actions of the other.
The President called on the Summit to agree on a resolution allowing the application of ‘variable geometry’ in the implementation of the EPAs.
The Head of State is optimistic that the Economic Partnership Agreements between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of states have the potential of accelerating economic development but the concerns of individual member countries have also to be addressed.
In the meeting, President Kenyatta also called for the fully involvement of Cuba in the ACP discussions, saying the country was a key member of the group.
Addressing ACP ambassadors during his State visit to Cuba last month, President Kenyatta called for direct engagement amongst African-Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries to achieve common historical aspirations.
The President noted that despite the impact of cooperation between the ACP nations, the three regions could forge a more direct common engagement among themselves for the benefit of their citizens.
He expressed concern that despite the ACP countries having a long common history, they have always depended on the European nations to interact with each other.

Governor Awiti receives mobility devices for persons with disabilities.

Homa Bay County Governor Cyprian Awiti speaking to the press after receiving mobility devices from Crutches4Africa, an international organization from Colorado, USA at County headquarters.
Homa Bay County Governor Cyprian Awiti on Thursday received mobility devices from Crutches4Africa, an international organization from Colorado, USA.
Speaking during a press briefing at the county headquarters, the Governor commended Mr. Tablot for their important cause to help persons with disabilities in Homa Bay county.
“We welcome Crutches4Africa as partners because there is need to support people with physical challenges in Homa Bay,” he said.
Crutches4Africa founder, David Talbot said their mission is to collect, ship and distribute mobility devices to developing countries.
“We collect surplus mobility devices, ship them to developing countries in need of support for people with mobility challenges regardless of their race, gender, tribe, age or religion,’’ he said.
He added that they have so far distributed the mobility devices that include crutches, wheelchairs among other mobility devices to 16 African countries for free.
Governor Awiti said the mobility devices will be disbursed to all the sub-county hospitals to help people with physical challenges.
County Health Chief executive Prof. Richard Muga noted that the department had identified persons with mobility challenges and said they will receive the equipment free-of-charge.
Ms. Maureen Akinyi, a 30year old victim from Kanam location, Mainuga beach in karachuonyo got a wheelchair to aid her mobility, having survived a crocodile attack.
Crutches4Africa promised to work with the county government to enable people with physical challenges have the ease of movement.
By Homa Bay County Press Unit

Multichoice promises unmatched 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia viewing experience on Dstv and Gotv

GOtv General Manager, Simon Kariithi (L) and MultiChoice Managing Director, Eric Odipo present a world cup football jersey to Ministry of Sports & Heritage Director of Administration, Wesnlaus Ongayo during the MultiChoice Kenya World Cup Stakeholders Launch.
  • Two exciting pop-up channels launched as part of the tournament build-up
  • All 64 LIVE matches available on DStv and GOtv
  • Swahili commentary available on live football matches
  • World Cup games available in HD and on mobile devices via DStv Now app
MultiChoice has promised its customers an unmatched front-row viewing to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. From 14 June 2018 to 15 July 2018, DStv and GOtv will showcase all 64 matches live on SuperSport to thousands of football fans across the country. MultiChoice will deliver great value to its customers with an unmatched viewing experience on TV and mobile devices for the biggest and best moments of the World Cup from Russia.
Speaking at the official launch of their football viewing experience to its stakeholders, MultiChoice Kenya Managing Director Eric Odipo said, “MultiChoice’s key priority is to put customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to deliver value through the best football tournament experience on TV to our customers live and in HD glory on SuperSport. Both DStv and GOtv Max and Plus customers will get to enjoy the games from the comfort of their homes, only on our platforms will viewers enjoy additional benefits such as Swahili commentary and on-the-go viewing via the DStv Now and SuperSport apps for an enhanced viewing experience.”
Active DStv customers on all packages (Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access) will watch all 64 games of the World Cup live and in full HD glory on three dedicated SuperSport channels. Two new DStv pop-up channels: History of Football and SuperSport 14 (SS14) will be dedicated to legacy content, highlights, documentaries, FIFA films, classic matches, warm-up matches and interviews until the World Cup begins on 14 June 2018. Thereafter, SS14 will be dedicated entirely to the tournament with live match commentary options in Swahili language. News updates will be available throughout the tournament on the SS Blitz Channel.
GOtv customers will also experience a complete World Cup experience with all 64 games available to active GOtv Max and GOtv Plus customers, at no extra cost. A special pop-up channel FIFA (GOtv Channel 36) will carry World Cup legacy content for GOtv Max and Plus customers on between 25 April 2018 and Monday 11 June 2018. The complete tournament experience will be available on GOtv Max on Select 4 with live games, full highlights, build-ups, interviews, analysis and magazine shows. GOtv Plus customers will watch the live games and magazine shows on Select 1 and Select 2. All build ups to the tournament will be available on Select 1 and Select 4. GOtv Value customers will also enjoy a significant number of games while GOtv Lite customers will enjoy a select number of games available on FTA channels.
“We constantly strive to deliver value for money to our customers by offering them a little something extra to their viewing including a wide variety of the best local and international content available from around the world with the 2018 FIFA World Cup being one of them. We also make sure to deliver this exciting content through leading-edge technology that will take our customers viewing experience to the next level and match their constantly evolving lifestyles,” added Odipo.
The 2018 FIFA World Cup will also be available to DStv Customers via DStv Now and the SuperSport apps which are available for download via the Android and iOs mobile stores.

A Kenyan first as Rafiki movie is set to premiere at the Cannes film Festival

RAFIKI film has been invited to Cannes Film Festival. It is the first Kenyan feature film to be invited to the festival and is a true testament of the work, skill, craft, of the Kenyan cast and crew. It acknowledges Kenya as an emerging film economy worthy of attention and its role in African cinema.
The film joins the lineage of films shown at the festival by filmmakers like Sembene Ousmane, Haile Gerima, Abderrahmane Sissako and more recently African female filmmakers like Rungano Nyoni, among others. It also adds to the variety of Kenyan films that have recently been celebrated and awarded internationally like Nairobi Half Life, Super Modo, Kati Kati, Stories of Our Lives and others.
Inspired by the 2007 Caine Prize Winning short story “Jambula Tree” by Ugandan writer Monica Arac de Nyeko, RAFIKI is a witty, playful and touching portrait of a community affected by a relationship that blossoms between two young women. This politically timely film celebrates love and asks whether it’s safer being invisible or it’s better to defy conservative rules, while discovering your identity and destiny through love.
The film is a combination of struggle and the power to dream and love. The love story resonated with Wanuri Kahiu, who had the vision to change the setting to Kenya and place the film in a vibrant, present-day urban environment. Kahiu worked with co-writer Jenna Bass and together they added further elements to the screenplay that speak to the present-day concerns and conflicts affecting people like Kena and Ziki even in young, vibrant, millennial Nairobi.
The film marks the powerful acting and screen debut of Samantha Mugatsia, enigmatic drummer, visual artist, and member of Nairobi’s electric underground band Yellow Light Machine who stars as Kena, alongside the charismatic, raw talent of young actress Sheila Munyiva as Ziki. The young actresses are supported by renowned Kenyan talent like Jimmi Gathu, Nini Wacera, Patricia Amira and Dennis Musyoka.
Set in a Nairobi neighbourhood, RAFIKI celebrates music and fashion of Nairobi. With Costume Designer Wambui Thimba pulling from local clothes brands like Peperuka and redesigning clothes for each character, Thimba created a look that speaks to the vibrancy, fun and playfulness of Nairobi.
RAFIKI is complimented by the joyous, independent feel of the soundtrack which acts as a sweet testimony to the creative energy of young, vibrant, millennial Nairobi. The score is by all-African, all-female musicians including Afro-electro award-winning powerhouse Muthoni Drummer Queen “MDQ” and newcomers Njoki Karu and Mumbi Kasumba.
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