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Kwan Modhuro Mag Kipande Pok Okaw


Bang’ yangore ni kwan modhuro mag kipande wegegi pok okaw e apisi magintiere motelone ndikruok etielo mar ariyo mar jogoo ombulu,telo mar Young Turks for Handshake Alliance(YOTHA)epachoka ochako chenro mar dhiye apisigo kagimakore gi ruodhi mondo jopiny oyud kipandego mapiyo okonygi endikruok kaka jogoo ombulu.

Jakom mar YOTHA epachoka Jaoko Oburu noyangoni en gima lit ka kwan modhuro nyalo koso ndikore kaka jogoo ombulu to kipande gi to osewuok gino momiyo ochiwo ler chenro magiseketo mar biro konyo jogi kaw kipandegi mapiyo kendo gindikore esechego kaka jogoo ombulu…insert Jaoko 1

Jateloni maneloso eboma ma Kisumu noten kod coordinators duto mag YOTHA ei Nyanza kama nyadendi Agnes Odongo maen coordinator mar Kisumu County noyango ikruok magiketo mar chopo ir jogo matindo kagipuonjogi ber mar kaw kipande,kaw kura kod goyo kura nikech nonro yango ni thoth jomatindo onge kipande kod kura…Insert Agnes

Gikone regional coordinator mar YOTHA ei Nyanza Elijah Oburu to ne ochiwo mane siem mager ne ruodhi madwaro mit bilie kuom jopiny eka gichiw kipande mosekete lwetgi mondo gimii wegegi

Smile Train and the University of Nairobi Announce Partnership to Offer 20 Scholarships in Plastic Surgery


The world’s largest cleft-focused organization, Smile Train, has partnered with the leading University in the region, University of Nairobi, through the Department of Surgery to offer full scholarships to medical residents based in Africa to study plastic and reconstructive surgery. The scholarship program will support 20 resident doctors over the next five years in which each resident will receive $19,000 – $22,750 (KES. 2.1- KES. 2.3 million) per year.

Research indicates that 5 billion people lack access to safe, affordable surgical and anesthesia care, with surgical conditions accounting for 35 percent of the global burden of disease. In a bid to bridge the gap and strengthen surgical systems in Africa, the ‘Smile Train-UoN Scholarship Program’ will provide funding to support four scholars each year: two from Kenya and two from other countries within Africa. Smile Train will cover the full cost of tuition and a living stipend. Qualified resident doctors are encouraged to apply through the University of Nairobi.

“Out of the 5 billion people worldwide who lack access to safe, high-quality surgical care, 1.7 billion of them are children. One of the most critical outcomes of this partnership will be increasing the number of qualified surgeons able to provide safe, timely and quality surgery not only to children with clefts but also individuals with other neglected surgical conditions in underserved communities. Our partnership will also support research on cleft lip and palate, which is critical to evidence-based policy development,” noted Dr. Esther Njoroge-Muriithi, Smile Train’s Senior Vice –President of Global Medical Programs.

The scholarship will be administered through the Department of Surgery led by its Chair, Dr. J. Kiboi, and supported by Leading Professor of Plastic Surgery Prof. S. Khainga, Program Director of the Plastic Surgery Thematic Unit Prof. F. Nangole, and faculty at the Plastic Surgery Thematic Unit Dr. A. Muoki and Dr. K. Wanjeri.

University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama expressed delight at Smile Train’s investment in strengthening surgical systems, expressing the University’s commitment to working with Smile Train to increase access to quality care through the education and training of surgeons.

“The University of Nairobi is ranked among the top ten universities in Africa and is uniquely positioned to support, increasing the surgical workforce in the region. Our support to patients will involve taking cleft surgical services to our local communities as part of giving our scholars an opportunity to connect with and deliver positive impact in the community,” noted Prof. Kiama.

Smile Train has active cleft care programs in 40 countries across Africa with more than 245 partners and over 255 partner hospitals across the continent. Through strategic partnerships at the local and international level, Smile Train dedicates itself towards providing funding towards quality healthcare capacity building and advocacy to increase access to safer surgeries and cleft care in low- and middle-income countries. Some of the strategic investments in education and training include partnerships with Scottish Charity KidsOR, the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) and the West African College of Surgeons (WACS) to provide scholarships in various categories. Recently, Smile Train has broken ground in Ghana for Africa’s first Cleft Leadership Centre to build the capacity of cleft professionals to dispense global standards of care at local level.

Hospital equipment flagged to the sub counties.

Photo:LOLWETV//Kisumu County Governor Prf.Peter Anyang' Nyong'o.

Kisumu County Government has dispersed medical equipment worth about Sh 15 million to improve safe motherhood in primary level facilities in the Sub Counties.

The County Governor Prof Anyang Nyong’o explained that the equipment has been purchased by the county using support received from a World Bank grant, known as -Transforming Health Systems – Universal Care Project (THS-UCP).

The equipment includes modern adjustable delivery beds and mackintosh mattresses, adjustable maternity beds, examination lamps, cesarean section kits, autoclave machines, blood pressure machines, thermogenic among others.
Nyong’o says the equipment will go a long way in ensuring the safety of womenfolk in the villages.

The Governor says he is optimistic that if fully implemented and executed, these will be a great addition to the health systems in the county.

Speaking at the Kisumu County Hospital where he handed over the equipment, Nyong’o says  the hospital has recorded a significant improvement both in service delivery and installation of new equipment.

“This referral hospital, one of the oldest in Nyanza, is very important because of its central location near the Kisumu Central Business District,” he said.

He says that over the years, the hospital has greatly helped to decongest the Jaramogi Teaching and Referral Hospital.

He inspected a number of projects that have been implemented by his administration and other partners in the recent years .

He inspected a new 300Kva generator worth Sh. 8 million, an upgrade from the 83KVA generator.
Before November last year, he said, the radiology department, laundry, and the central sterilization unit in the hospital could not function when there was a blackout.

He says the hospital now has an uninterrupted power supply.
In addition to the infrastructure, Governor Nyong’o announced that his administration has increased the number of specialists in the hospital by adding 2 gynecologists and  1 pediatrician. 

He noted that as he seek to improve the services of two major hospitals in Kisumu city, his administration is keen on improving the level of services offered in all the sub-counties hospitals. 

He noted that his administration is more robust in the sub-counties and there is a lot of work going on there, especially on health, infrastructure, water provision, and agriculture.

By Joseph Ojwang


Photo: Equity Group Managing Director & CEO Dr. James Mwangi (right) receives the Equity Life Assurance (Kenya) Ltd operating license from @IRA Commissioner of Insurance Godfrey Kiptum (2nd left). The license from IRA will enable ELAK to provide life insurance solutions to an underserved market and contribute towards the vision of Equity Group to transform lives and expand opportunities for wealth creation.

A life insurance license has been issued today to Equity Life Assurance (Kenya) Ltd (‘ELAK’) which is fully owned by Equity Group Insurance Holdings Limited (EGIHL), a subsidiary of Equity Group. The license will enable ELAK to provide life insurance solutions to an underserved market and contribute towards the vision of Equity Group to transform lives and expand opportunities for wealth creation.

Speaking while receiving the licence from Commissioner of Insurance, Insurance Regulatory Authority  Godfrey Kiptum at the IRA headquarters, Ms. Angela Okinda, the Managing Director and Principal Officer of ELAK said, “ELAK will contribute to the trusted Equity brand by providing inclusive, affordable, innovative and accessible insurance products to a majority of Kenyans who are not utilising insurance solutions to secure much needed protection of their lives, health and wealth, or secure their financial futures through savings solutions. Our commitment is to provide consumers with freedom and ease of access to insurance solutions, payment and placement of their insurance coverage, as well as support and advice during the life of the policy. ELAK will also ensure easy access to insurance solutions through multiple distribution channels. ELAK’s provision of insurance will be refreshingly different, innovative and very convenient.”

Dr. James Mwangi, Equity Group CEO and Managing Director said, “The ELAK licence comes at a very critical time when the economy is recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our inspiration is to offer insurance to all categories of consumers and make insurance accessible, affordable and inclusive in line with our purpose of transforming lives, giving dignity and expanding opportunities for wealth creation. We realised that the greatest threat to wealth creation is when disaster strikes, and the family and entities have no fall-back plan except removing capital from their businesses to meet such expenses. The insurance business of ELAK will be based on simplicity, openness, transparency and trust.”

While handing over the ELAK license, Commissioner of Insurance, Insurance Regulatory Authority Godfrey Kiptum said, ” As the regulator, we are delighted to see Equity Group adapt to the changing demands of the market and responding to the needs and aspirations of the customers. The insurance business in Kenya is still heavily driven by the general business class and with the entry of Equity Life Assurance (Kenya) Limited into the sector, this is likely to enhance the value and distribution of life insurance in the country.”

The insurance industry in Kenya is characterized by low penetration levels, currently estimated at 2.4% This has been attributed to a number of factors including poor or limited product portfolio, low or no awareness on available insurance products, low-income levels among the key consuming public, perceived low rate of returns for life insurance policies, cumbersome claim settlement procedures, lack of trust of insurance players, negative perception of providers/intermediaries and expensive premiums among others.

Also speaking at the event, Insurance Regulatory Authority Chairman Hon. Abdirahin Haithar Abdi, MGH said, “The insurance business relies heavily on trust and Equity has a well-defined history and support from the public which is a key aspect for success in the sector. We congratulate Equity Group for joining the insurance sector as the newest player. Additionally, Kenya is ranked number 3 or 4 with regards to insurance penetration in Africa and many investors have taken an interest in the sector. We are happy to see a local player coming in to contribute to our growth.”

COVID-19 has been the greatest set back to many households in their pursuit for economic independence. Equity Life (ELAK) is pledging to invest heavily on consumer education to equip Kenyans with knowledge to make the right decisions regarding insurance for themselves and their businesses and to embrace insurance as a key component to reliably grow their wealth, health, and livelihoods by protecting it.

Dr. Mwangi further added, “ELAK will optimise on Equity Group’s serial innovation culture to launch inventive and substantial solutions that meet the needs of Kenyans. We will co-create products with Kenyans so that our offerings will be relevant and applicable to their daily lives. Further, we will ensure that the insurance solutions are easily accessible using technology on, thus giving Kenyans the freedom to access, pay and receive the insurance solution of their choice.” 

Agnes Kagure Launches Nairobi Gubernatorial Bid


Kagure who announced her candidature at the Kasarani indoor arena today also revealed her five-point agenda for the city.Agnes Kagure pledged to create atleast 1 million jobs if Nairobians give her the governor job.Kagure pledged to enhance safety and security which has been an issue in the county.

Kagure said she will have a good working relationship with MCAs to ensure that there is a smooth business operating environment.

She’ll facilitate the establishment of new investments including SMEs. “We will expand the horizon of opportunities to give Nairobians a platform to excel,”

Promised to deal with traffic snarl-ups to ease movement in and out of the city. Alot of income is lost and time when stuck in traffic jams.

Kagure is joining a crowded race as she seeks to become one of the few female governors in the country. Among those who have announced their intention to vie for the governor seat are Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja, former Starehe MP Margaret Wanjiru, Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi, former Dagoretti MP Dennis Waweru, and businessman Richard Ngatia.

A poll was done and found Kagure ahead in a race that is reduced to just her in the handshake side and Bishop Margaret in the UDA side. She gets 49% of the vote against Wanjiru’s 43%.

In a bid to repair Nairobi’s bad image, Kagure said that county employees will be trained on customer service. She also pledged to clean up city hall, by getting rid of ghost workers.

The businesslady received backing from Kikuyu elders led by Wachira Kiago, the National Chairman of the Kikuyu Council of Elders. They pledged to contribute Sh2 million towards her campaign.

‘I will remove Nairobi from the city of lamentation to the city of jubilation’ says Agnes Kagure at the Kagure Grand Launch

Peche Foods, gives cold facilities for fresh produce in Kisumu.

Photo:LolweTV//Mayfair Holdings Limited, General Manager, Mr Pals Wagenaar Attachments area
Mayfair Holdings in Kisumu through its subsidiary, Peche Foods is offering cold storage facilities to accommodate direct exports of fresh produce from Kisumu International Airport.

The Holdings General Manager Pals Wagenaar says they are in partnership with a number of players to ensure the exports kicks off smoothly on Saturday.

Wagenaar says the cold facilities can handle 120, tonnes of products and meets all the international standards.
Mayfair Holdings Limited was established by the late business mogul Mr Gilani in 1967 for economic development in the region.

Wagenaar says Kisumu has developed over the years as an economic hub.

“Stakeholders have come  together and we have reached a great milestone whereby cargo will be airlifted from the airport here in Kisumu to the international destinations this Saturday,” he said.
He spoke on Friday at Imperial Hotel during a breakfast meeting with the media a head of the launch of the cargo flights.

Munira Gilani, the Holdings Director says Peche Foods was an establishment to advance the economic development of the Lake Region and provide jobs to many young people in the region.

“Our main target was from the fishermen and women, delivery people and factory personnel,” said Munir.
She says the collaboration is a milestone and they are happy to be part of the inaugural flight for the export this weekend.

She is optimistic that the export project will broaden the region’s horizons further in both human and capital terms and achieve greater status and economic development for the region and the nation at large.
“Such partnership are essential to the success of our economic development activities,” she added.

Kenya Airways is set to lift 1.8 tonnes of dress green chili on Saturday evening to the outside world.
A farmer Balminder Sokhi, who is running a 4 hectares of land under chili in Siaya County will be harvesting his chili today, Friday, for onward placement at the Peche Foods cold rooms, which is located in close proximity of Kisumu International Airport.

By Joseph Ojwang

Chili farmer to benefit from cargo flight

Photo:LolweTv//Balminder Sokhi, a chili farmer in Siaya.

A large-scale green chili farmer in Siaya County is set to benefit from the planned inaugural of a cargo export flight from Kisumu International Airport this weekend.

Balminder Singh Sokhi, who has put four hectares of land under green chili, says for the last three months he has been transporting his produce to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) for export.

Sokhi says the inaugural flight will be a game changer to Western Kenya farmers.

“Actually, this is a game changer for all of us in this region. For the last three months, I have really suffered by transporting from farm to JKIA, and I have paid through my nose,” he said.

He says he is going to save a lot of money in terms of transport for his produce. 

Sokhi says the opportunity presented by the unveiling of the cargo flight by Kenya Airways on Saturday must be grabbed by any investor and even small scale farmers.

“We are so excited that finally we have cargo going from Kisumu so that we can get our brothers and sisters from the neighboring towns, let them know that we have an opportunity now to export,” he said.

He has his farm located in Gem Sub County in Nyabeda village along Kisumu Busia Road.

Sokhi says he does not regret venturing into farming after abandoning his engineering work.

“I was doing mechanical engineering and automobile and due to late payments from the sugar mills, I abandoned the business before a friend in the UK tipped me to export chilies,” he said.

He says he is ready to assist farmers in the region who are ready to embrace chili farming and buy from them for export.

Sokhi says he harvests chillie every month and does not require much water, noting that it is not labour intensive.  

He has a permanent workforce of five with casuals ranging from 20 to 80 based on need arises.

Sokhi says he is working closely with officials from Kenya Health Plant Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS) to ensure standards of the produce are met.

“We have the KEPHIS, they will come to inspect, because you have to comply with the rules and regulations, normally they visit my farm twice a month,” he said.

He says this is aimed at dealing with some pests that invade the farms and might find their way into foreign countries.

On Friday, he will harvest 1.8 tonnes of fresh green chili that will be transported via Kisumu International Airport on Saturday.

By Joseph Ojwang 

Three injured in fire Accident along Ahero-Katito Road ,Driver Flees.


A trailer and a saloon car went up in flames along Ahero Katito road leaving  occupants of the car with injuries.

According to Nyando OCPD Leonard Matete, the car rammed into the trailer that was making a U- turn on the road.
Matete says as a result, the two vehicles caught fire as the driver of the trailer escaped unhurt.

Three occupants of the car were rescued and taken to Ahero sub county hospital where they are admitted with a number of injuries.

Matete says fire fighters from Kisumu County Government arrived later when the two vehicles had completely burnt.
The fire was later extinguished and the burnt vehicles towed to Ahero police station pending further probe.

The driver of the trailer escaped from the scene of the accident.

By Joseph Ojwang

Migori legislators root for six piece, peace


A section of Migori ODM legislators are now rooting for six piece voting pattern and peace in the county ahead of 2022 general election.
Speaking during church service in Oruba legio church, Senator Ochillo Ayacko, Suna West Mp Peter Masara, Uriri Mp Mark Nyamita, Nyatike MP Tom Odege and their nominated counterpart Denitta Ghati said that the six piece voting pattern will ensure the ODM party gets a strong government after elections and bring development in Nyanza.They said Migori should vote as a bloc for ODM party and PM Raila Odinga to help in development and to restore peace in the county.The legislators said they will ensure health and education amongst other sectors for the development of the community. Odege and Nyamita called for peace and urged residents to forge forward and help develop the county and voters to shun apathy.

Come out and vote, Says Raila


ODM party leader Raila Odinga arrived in Kisumu City aboard a Railways train which he boarded from Muhoroni as he called upon his supporters to be ready for the last registration by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

Raila says the last registration posted poor numbers noting that his win is pegged on the turnout of new voters.

He says he is ready to battle Deputy President William Ruto in the coming polls in 2022.

Raila noted that the coming registration will be the last before Kenyans go to the polls and everyone who has not registered must seize the opportunity.

He says he is the General and told his supporters to wait for his directions and vote when IEBC opens the exercise in August 2022.

Raila says Azimo La Umoja, which he launched recently in Nairobi, is the vehicle that will take the country to the Promised Land.

He was accompanied by Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya, Kisii Governor James Ongwae and Kisumu Governor Prof. Anyang Nyong’o.

The train resumed operations on Friday last week after a 15 years break.

However, yesterday, the train derailed in Muhoroni in what Kenya Railways linked to the ongoing rains in the region.

In a statement, the KR assured passengers of their safety while traveling in the train.

The statement further reiterated that KR is committed to deliver its mandate to the people of Kenya in a safe, secure and reliable way and appeals to all Kenyans to stay alert and safe.

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