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KCB Foundation Awards 1,000 Scholarships to Form 1 Joiners 


Bright students from vulnerable and underprivileged backgrounds receive a comprehensive scholarship for the 2022 class intake.

KCB Foundation has awarded 1,000 high school scholarships to students who will join form 1 from next week under a revamped scheme that will draw in more beneficiaries.

This follows an application and recruitment process that was carried out two weeks ago, nationally.

The intake is part of the enhancement to the education support programme that has seen the Foundation increase the number of secondary school scholars from the annual 240 students and include University scholarships in its portfolio.

The revamp will also now have a 100% transition of beneficiaries to tertiary education scholarships and apprenticeships.

The KCB Foundation has invested KShs. 262 million to support the increase in the number of beneficiaries in the higher school programme. A third of the slots have been allocated to vulnerable scholars, including persons living with disability.

The scholars in the 2022 class are drawn from across all the counties in Kenya and brings the total number of beneficiaries in the programme to date to 3537.

Every year, the top 50 performers from the high school programme will now receive university scholarships catering for the tuition fee in any public university in Kenya, in what kicked off with the 2020 KCSE class.

Speaking during the commissioning of the class, KCB Group Director, Marketing, Corporate Affairs and Citizenship; Rosalind Gichuru said: “We are committed to facilitate more access to education and skills for the underprivileged youth.”

The programme actively and intentionally supports marginalized, underserved, minorities, and vulnerable students to access to education from all 47 counties.

“By investing in wholesome education and transition to university, we’ll enable the youth to take charge of their future, and livelihoods. Ultimately, we’re playing our part towards Kenya experiencing a boost in economic growth resulting from the ‘dividend’ of a well-equipped and economically independent youth” she added.

The KCB Foundation scholarship is comprehensive, covering fees for all four years, catering for personal effects, learning materials, school uniforms, transport to and from school, termly school-based mentorship sessions with KCB staff and an annual group mentorship and networking with fellow scholars.

The 2022 class will form the fifteenth cohort of the scholar’s programme, with 960 students currently in school.

Ultimately, the scholar’s programme aims to increase the transition rate from primary to secondary schools and aid in the attainment of every one of the 17 sustainable development goals.



Khaligraph Jones, Fena Gitu and Chris Kaiga brought the house to a standstill at the Nexterfest concert in Nairobi yesterday.

Performing several of their hit tracks including club bangers like “Leave Me Alone” Yego, “Steam”, “Siri” “I want” “Kengele” among others the three made sure the thousands of Kenyans in attendance got entertained during the long weekend.

The Tusker NexterFest concert is one in a series of concerts organized by the brand that is celebrating 100 years. The music platform has also involved the talents that were unearthed at the recently concluded Tusker Nexters Talent Search audition phase that saw rappers, vocalists, instrumentalists, spoken word artistes, and more, take to the stage and express themselves at a regional level.

Speaking on the Nexterfest proposition, Tusker Brand Manager Catherine Twesigye said the concerts were an opportunity for the brand to mark their 100-year celebration with the people that matter most-their consumers. The musical platform she mentioned was a continued touchpoint where they provided a platform for kenyan musicians to showcase their talent and consumers to enjoy the ultimate musical experience.

“Tusker has always been a brand that gives Kenyan artists a platform to shine. Tusker NexterFest is no different. As we celebrate the new generation of Tusker, we will continue to champion the local music industry as we hold the hands of the bright, bold spirit of future Kenya that we have unearthed at last month’s auditions. We are ready to go again, and we invite all of you to come and support us,” said Twesigye.

She added that through this event, Tusker will be aiming to sharpen these emerging artists’ skills ahead of next month, where the Tusker Nexters national finalists will compete for the ultimate prize both in music and eSports.

The Tusker NexterFest concerts next move the coastal and rift region with two planned concerts in Mombasa and Eldoret at the Butterfly Pavilion and Tamasha respectively. Acts including, Mejja, Bensoul, Nvirri, Chris Kaiga, Femi One, Fena Gitu, are once again set to take the stage as they bring the series of celebrations to a climatic end on the 7th of May 2022

The festivities will then switch back to the national finals of the Tusker Nexters, a competition that will see the best up and coming musical and e-sporting talent battle it out for the ultimate Nexter national crown. Details for this will be shared in the coming weeks.

Eng. Anthony Chelimo Launches His Gubernatorial Bid For Elgeyo Marakwet County 2022


During a sports event in Iten stadium, Eng. Anthony Chelimo launched his bid for the Elgeyo Marakwet Gubernatorial race. At Iten stadium, the focused engineer witnessed the finals of the Chelimo Cup, which he has sponsored.

During the launch, Engineer Chelimo highlighted some of his manifesto which he intends to implement once given the mandate:


Mr Chelimo highlighted roads as one of his key priority agendas citing that he wants to upgrade all earthen roads in the county into bituminous standards. This will facilitate transport especially of farm produce to the markets with ease. “Infrastructure is an integral part of trade, transport and security. By improving accessibility, my intention is to open up the remote rural area to more economic activities like trade and tourism,” Eng. Chelimo noted.


As the County Chief Executive, Mr Chelimo hinted that he will work with the National Police Service to help curb insecurity and banditry which have crippled the county owing to its proximity to volatile counties of West Pokot and Baringo. He will also work towards enhancing the capacity of the police by building better police cells, posts and housing even though the mandate falls under the docket of the National Government. “The county will deploy a digital shared database tracking all crime related incidences and trends,” he observed.


Elgeyo Marakwet is primarily an agrarian region. My administration will roll out extension services program to solve the farmers’ challenges. I will also give farmers subsidized inputs such as seeds and fertilizer and also promote best farming practices.


As the head of the County, I will work towards equipping laboratories and establish research initiatives in partnership with relevant partners. At the moment the only institution of higher learning in Elgeyo Marakwet is Tambach teachers College and 3 TVETs.


Our youth empowerment program will include academics (bursaries and county/partners sponsored quizzes, spelling bee, etc) sports (Elgeyo Olympics) and entrepreneurship (Science Congress, Expos, etc).

We will negotiate a deal with athletes both local and international training them in Iten to each adopt a school for mentorship.

On women, I will guide them in order to formalize their enterprise which include ornament making, table banking and catering in order to make their hustle profitable.

I will also make sure that the less privileged and the persons with disability are treated with dignity and also give them a platform to utilize their God-given unique talents for self-reliance.



Elgeyo Marakwet County attracts scores of tourists annually due to its endowment with natural beauty and scenic landscapes. My administration will create package for the visiting athletes that will see them visit various parts of the county with the guidance of our local tour operators. We shall also have the experience Elgeyo Festival to showcase our county to the guests and let them sample our culture. 


The main cause of mortality in the county according to official research is communicable, maternal, neonatal and nutritional diseases. These are followed by Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs). My administration will facilitate equipping of our health centers and hiring professional medical personnel to man them.


Elgeyo Marakwet County is subjected to extreme weather annually. This coupled with the fact that our terrain is very diverse, it is obvious to see the need for a disaster management and response team. I will ensure proper utilization of both public and private ambulances, fire trucks/water hydrants and also capacity build our enforcement officers in disaster preparedness and response,

 Access to sexual and reproductive health information made easier for Kenyan youth

From Left - Dr. George Rae Ag. CEC Medical, Kisumu County, Mwanahawa Ali ngao, Clinical medicine student-KMTC Mombasa and Frank Strelow Bayer Pharma, Head of Sustainability, during the launch of the Life Yangu platform.

Youth in Kenya can now access information about their sexual and reproductive health after the Ministry of Health launched a platform designed to avail information easily and credibly to them.

The platform, dubbed, was inaugurated today by Dr.George Rae is the acting CEC for Health, Kisumu County, in conjunction with a consortium of local and international organizations led by Deutsche Stiftung Welbevölkerung (DSW) and Bayer East Africa.

Life Yangu will provide information to Kenyans aged between 18 to 24 years, allowing them to access sexual and reproductive health services easily by mapping out health facilities near them and providing a safe environment for the youth to share information. So far, 106 public clinics have been earmarked for the first phase of the project.

The idea of the platform was borne from the challenge of accessing credible reproductive health specialists and information online in Kenya and the growing need to furnish the youth with this knowledge. Some key information the youth can now access is nearby reproductive health facilities and contraceptive options among others.

Speaking at the launch, Dr George Rae, the acting CEC for Health, Kisumu County, said the ministry was glad to have this public-private partnership, bringing together like-minded organizations to come up with effective solutions that change Kenyans’ lives.

“It is impressive that this platform,, developed by DSW and Bayer, has come at the right time, where all these factors – the need for appropriate reproductive health services and access to technology – intersect,” said Dr. Rae.

“We are in the digital age, and as such there is need to ensure young people are able to access online tools to advance their lives. The government has put in place a raft of measures to create an environment conducive for innovation that will positively impact all Kenyans, including the young people.  In 2019 during the International Conference on Population and Development, Nairobi Summit, H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta committed to employ Innovation, Communication and Technology to ensure adolescents and youth attain the highest standards of health,” added Dr. Rae.

On their part, Evelyn Samba, the DSW Kenya Country Director, confirmed that one of the reasons they chose to go the online route was because young Kenyans are much more comfortable looking for information online than going to physical facilities.

“This backdrop is why we wanted a digital solution that is simple, accessible, and easy to find; a platform that aims at reducing the pressure points for young people as they look for information about their reproductive health and a space where they find accurate and appropriate information and where their questions and concerns stay private- and will not expose them to stigma and suspicion by peers and parents/guardians.,” said MS Samba.



Farmers in Migori have got a boost from Food Agricultural Organisation [FAO] on how to do value addition and market access for their produce.

Food Agricultural Organisation Country Director Hamisi Muo said that the training and business school the organization offers will spearhead the value addition in chicken production, beans growing and also help in access to the market for many chicken farmers across Migori County.

He said that the 40 county officers in the department of agriculture have been trained and were graduating to help cascade the information to other farmers across the entire county.

At the same time Migori County chief officer for agriculture Elijah Gambere said that the training will go along way in making many farmers produce more quality products that will find it easy for them to access the already flooded markets.

He added that the training and graduation by FAO involves quality production that will meet the markets demands and also make the farmers be self sufficient and able to make a living in farming and other agricultural activities.

Farmers said that the training will help do value additions to the common farming methods and also make them access the markets much easier than before.


KRU risks losing Ksh 2bn in equity investments due to actions of rogue agent


 Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) risks losing Ksh2.127 billion in equity financing.

In a cautionary statement sent to 270 Degrees Sports Marketing & Consultancy Limited, the Agency appointed by Kenya Rugby Union to source for strategic equity investors, the lead arranger – Benchmark Solutions Limited, with the backing from a consortium of investors, has warned that KRU fundraising effort was being jeopardized by its appointed Agent, whose representative has resorted to slanders and blackmails for personal and financial gains.

“As you are fully aware, This Kes. 2.127 billion investment is part of a $500M Master Investment intended by The Consortium of Policy Banks, Commercial Banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions in The International Community under Investment Memorandum Number 037/EOI/BIL/05/2021 aimed for 19 Impactful Projects across several African Countries, in which the Kenya Rugby Union LLC is under consideration,” the statement reads in part.

“From the foregoing and based on your role in the transaction, you received private, confidential and classified financial & non-financial information pertaining The Consortium of Investors, and to our dismay, this information has since been illegally distributed amongst your rogue operatives in a manner that Contravenes Clause no. 9 in Contract Number 200122021/13. This is tantamount to a serious breach, needless to say, gravely jeopardizing and inhibiting the success of this transaction,” the statement continued.

Benchmark Solutions reiterated that the Consortium of Lenders have upheld its role and rights as the book runner and therefore has the right to terminate or re-allocate the said investment and further warned that it may be compelled to institute civil and criminal proceedings against the Agency and its operatives should it fail to heed to the notice.

KRU is seeking to raise money through issuance of new shares to investors. The money raised will be used to support the Safari Sevens, National 15s team test matches, National Sevens Circuit, Kenya Cup, Rugby Super Series, Barthes Cup and Merchandising. in addition to meeting the expenses of The National Teams, Kenya Shujaa, Kenya Simbas, Kenya Chipu and Kenya Lionesses.


photo by Lolwe tv network, Beatrice Atieno founder Abito Network Foundation

Beatrice Atieno a women Rep aspirant who lost to Ruth Odinga, today congratulated the ODM party women rep flag bearer Kisumu County, Mrs. Ruth Odinga, and humbly asked her that as she gets the seat the main aim should be to work for the citizens and let everything be for the development of Kisumu County. 
She also thanked every woman who stood up to represent the citizens, and congratulated them for their hardwork and commitment advicing them to not let the loss be the end of life for them but rather continue with the projects that they can, and try supporting the citizens in any way they can.
Beatrice Atieno during her speech at the Lolwe tv network on 25th April, 22 also said she is so thankful to those who availed themselves to vote and mostly from the bottom of her heart to those individuals who voted for her and trusted her with their votes. 
“I am a loyal and life ODM party member and as I am going abroad, my aim is to help campaign for the presidential candidate Raila Amollo Odinga,” she added, “Being someone who has stayed abroad, I’ll partner with others from the diaspora to see how we support Baba and ensure he wins come August 9th, 2022 during the general elections.”
Her slogan Abito Network also birthed the Abito Network Foundation which was a foundation started to bring help to the seven subcounties in Kisumu county and she is promising that it is still on and her going abroad means she is going to lobby investments to Kisumu people.
The policies just to mention afew were Health education, Scholarships to the bright and talented kids.
 She also mentioned that on June 18 they have the Run for life marathon which is set to create awareness on the sickle cell and the main aim is to reach good doctors specialized in sickle cells, to help the kisumu citizens.
She also welcomed everyone who is willing to join the Abito Network Foundation so as they can work together in bettering lives and most importantly women lives in Kisumu

By Florence Abuto

Francis Atwoli Calls For Integrity and Transparency


COTU boss Francis Atwoli has called upon civil servants and workers to uphold the tenets of integrity and transparency in whatever responsibility and duty one is called to do.

Speaking at the ACK St Stephens Church Jogoo road, the outspoken COTU boss castigated leaders who use shortcuts in a bid to amass wealth through dubious illegitimate means.

“I want to assure you that hardwork pays, you don’t have to steal, you can still become rich through hardwork and dedication,” he said.

He said he is a living testimony narrating how he started working in 1967 and to date he can account for every penny he has in his possession.

He called upon Kenyans to make a wise decision come August 2022 and elect leaders with integrity.

His sentiments were echoed by the principal secretary of labor Peter Tum who highlighted the cordial relationship they’ve had to alleviate worker’s suffering..

This he said has ensured resilience in spite of the Covid pandemic ensuring that workers are cushioned.. .

Mr Tum assured Kenyans that the elections will be delivered in the appropriate manner. “Kenya is going to be a winner in the forthcoming elections,” he said.



Kenyans have been urged to vote in leaders with integrity and shun those with a tainted image. Anthony Chelimo, the party leader of National Vision Party, quips that the country lacks development due to lack of visionary leaders.

The gubernatorial aspirant for Elgeyo Marakwet county, is now planning to empower Kenyans through giving visionary aspirants a platform to vie with, that is the national Vision Party. At present, the party has given direct ticket to at least 71 aspirants across the counties of Baringo, Bomet, Narok, Transnzoia among others. Out of the 71, three are eyeing Gubernatorial positions.

Mr. Chelimo, who is an entrepreneur cum businessman, strongly believes in youth empowerment by transforming them from job seekers to job creators.

Vying in a volatile county that borders west Pokot and Baringo, Mr Chelimo has security on top of his agenda. He believes in the investment in technology in a bid to offer local solutions to local problems.

On the area of agriculture, Mr Chelimo intends to equip farmers with affordable farm inputs and also help them in marketing of their produce through cooperatives at competitive prices.

He plans to transform the agricultural rich Kerio Valley into a breadbasket that can be a benchmark for other counties.

Other areas of interest just to mention a few is healthcare, infrastructure, tourism and disaster preparedness.

He has urged the voters to elect leaders and not just politicians and also to vet aspirants based on their track record.

Mr Chelimo has taken the unprecedented step of giving scholarships to hundreds of beneficiaries and also giving employment opportunities to thousands of youths especially the ones from humble background.

He questions lack of structures in county governments that results in a lot of resources going to recurrent expenditure instead of development.

His parting shot is for Kenyans to vote peacefully and for the youths to desist from being misused by the politicians during this electioneering period.

assistALL – Kenya’s first sign language interpreters application launches in Nairobi


assistALL , an innovation by Signs Media Kenya Limited becomes the first mobile phone app to provide sign language interpretation services in Kenya. The app, that was initially developed to bridge the communication gap between deaf persons and healthcare providers at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, is now being utilized in other sectors such as higher education, general healthcare, judicial system, government services and finance.

assistALL is also creating employment opportunities for sign language interpreters who have the potential to earn a consistent income as the app brings them closer to their customer base without having to consider the logistics of travel. They are therefore able to serve more deaf people, an important step to promote inclusion of deaf persons by enabling them access essential services.

For corporates and professionals, assistALL will allow them to access this consumer segment that has in the past not been considered during business planning. There are over 260,000 people with hearing impairments in the market, a sizeable portion of the market that needs to be in consideration when planning the needs of any organization.

assistALL operates on a per second billing platform, and with as little as Kes.30 one can access a sign language interpreter. The app can be downloaded through the Google Play store on android devices. The target is to achieve 10,000 downloads by the end of 2022 and so far more than 500 users have downloaded the app.

The assistALL journey began in 2020 where an idea from the signs media team became reality through the support of UNDP-K Disability innovation challenge. assistALL was among five innovations chosen and supported from ideation to become a minimum viable product. In 2021, Signs Media Kenya Limited was the only African owned and operated start up to be awarded a grant by the GSMA Innovation Fund for Assistive Tech, an initiative currently funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). The Fund aims to open up opportunities for innovative start-ups and SMEs across Africa and Asia to address the Mobile Disability Gap.  This has enabled the development of the app from a minimum viable product (MVP) to a market ready product.

The GSMA Innovation Fund supports innovative digital solutions with positive socio-economic impact in low and middle income countries. GSMA believes digital solutions have the power to sustainably reduce inequalities within our world by connecting everyone and everything to a better future.

Over the next few months, the assistALL team will focus on user acquisition and quality of service.  They are also planning to expand the geographical scope to other African countries and develop other assistive technology products to be become an assistive technology platform for all.

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