Harambee Stars Captain states that the team has a huge depth

Wanyama states that the team is also strong without him playing or not

The Harambee Stars Captain came out to rub off critics who claimed that the national team would lost to Ghana in which Kenya won without Wanyama.

The only goal was scored by Michael Olunga at Kasarani Stadium in a group F match which Ghana. In which it revived some relief as Kenyans only wish to enter at the 2019 Afcon Finals which will be held at Cameroon.

Speaking to sources after a training session in which Wanyama stated that even when he was absence at the Ghana match he felt it was not a big issue because he believes the team has a “huge depth”.

“The team won without me and that is a good thing because it shows that Kenya has enough depth and good mixture of quality players. If one player is missing, the other one can step in, and fill in the void without any problems.” The Tottenham midfielder explained.

When asked about the ongoing preparations for Ethiopia’s game on Sunday, we all know about the previous that happened between two teams Kenya lost to Ethiopia at the Chan competitions.

He says, “That was Chan and will never count. We are here for the Afcon and are ready for the match.”

The match has been slated for Wednesday at the Bahir Dar Stadium, with the return leg set to be played on Sunday, October 14, 2018, at the Kasarani.