All is not well in Kiambu County Government

Kiambu Governor Waititu and his Deputy Governor Nyoro

In the recent events at Kiambu County there seems to be a major heat of words between Governor Waititu and his Deputy Mr. Nyoro who have argued against each other. According to Mr. Nyoro he claims that Governor Waititu is running the county as a one man team resulting to him being left out of all cabinet deliberations. Therefore he says not only will he won’t resign from his post but also will go head to head with Governor Waititu.

He says, “Section 179, sub-section 1 is very very that the vested authority of the county is within the County Executive committee. It goes to define who is in the vetted committee is the Governor, Deputy Governor and all CEC (County Executive Committee).”

He also laments that,” We had the Madaraka Celebration, I was at my home, I told my Security to relax until eleven. And am told that somebody that the governor is travelling to Nachu to identify a dumping site. Question one, when did the cabinet discuss about the dumping site? And where the dumping site will be. Question two, did the Governor include the MCA’S in those area starting from Karai, Kikuyu, Nachu did he include them? Did he include the Deputy Governor? Who else did he include? He was all alone.”

On Governor Waititu side he claims that his deputy is telling lies. Mr. Waititu says,” My deputy is always out of Kiambu and frequently he demands to be treated like a governor.”

He said,” Mr. Nyoro’s office is being renovated at a cost of Sh2.5 million. Even the space in my office is little. Both I and my deputy have offices in Kiambu and Thika. So if the Kiambu office is being repaired he should move to the one in Thika.”

But to the residents of Kiambu are wondering who is telling the truth.