B-CLUB restructures its premise to observe NEMA regulations.


By:Julius Gacheru and Brian Joseck ||13/10/2020

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Kilimani residents, through a lobby, dubbed the Kilimani Project Foundation, in early 2019 went to court seeking orders to close down four clubs in the area, including B-Club.

The applicants said the clubs were breaching their rights to a clean and healthy environment by playing loud music at night and hosting revellers who are a security threat.

The court through Justice Loise Komingoi directed the National Environment Management Authority (Nema) and City Hall to immediately revoke operating licences issued to B-Club and other four clubs.

In adherence of the court order,B-club has restructured its premise by installing sound proof acoustics and it’s parking lot shall not be used for activities that use sound amplifying devices.

This is in commitment to ref,NEMA/5/4/VOL.1 that will carry out operations in accordance and compliance with the provisions of enviromental management and coordination Act CA/387 and the enviromental management coordination regulatuions 2009.

The new sound installations will ensure that sound from music or noise from the party lovers present does not penetrate out of the club walls and the system will also ensure vibrations are limited only within the club.