Environmentalists advocate for alternative sources of energy

Environmentalists are now advocating for alternative sources of energy at the household levels following the ongoing ban on logging in the country.
Dr George Mwaniki from the National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND) said the country is facing a looming energy crisis as a result of the ban.
Dr Mwaniki said the country has been heavily dependent on charcoal and wood which has now been greatly affected by the ban which has led to sky rocketing of charcoal prices.
He said many poor households and communities’ majority of who rely on wood are now stranded and as a result need cheaper alternative sources of energy.
Speaking in Kisumu, Dr Mwaniki said the drive to increase the forest cover is in top gear adding that policy makers and stakeholders must now quickly offer alternative sources of energy to families.
He said NETFUND is working with various groups that have such alternatives like making briskets from agricultural wastes and also bio fuel from the water hyacinth.