Form ni Gani? A movement for Kenyans, by Kenyans

Artists, musicians, writers, dancers, poets, graffiti artists and actors invite all Kenyans to start real conversations about our future and family planning.
● Kenyans have big dreams – for ourselves, our families, and our nation.
● This is about the future we want as Kenyans – and how to get there. What’s the plan?
It’s rush hour in Nairobi, and 100 young men heavy with pregnant bellies have gathered in the centre of the city to spark a Kenyan family planning movement. If men could get pregnant, would family planning have been accepted by all a long time ago?
Named “#formnigani” (“what’s the plan”), the movement is meant to engage Kenyans in conversations about making informed decisions about our future and the crucial role of family planning in it. Despite its importance, many Kenyans lack access to both family planning methods and information.
Although most Kenyans don’t know it, family planning is a Kenyan Constitutional right. The Health Act of 2017, Section 6(1) (a) guarantees every adult Kenyan the right to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable family planning services.
Hopefully, the movement will grow over the coming months with even more Kenyans showing their support for family planning in their local communities and on social media – through all the creative powers we have from music and dance to poetry, comedy and the visual arts.